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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


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I think there is a very good chance we'll see violence in Greece as a result of this episode.

Quite clearly there is no prospect of peaceful change and equally clearly the current regime is causing untold anguish for millions of people, and quite pointlessly. When given a chance to vote they voted to change, and have now been quite cynically denied.

If I was a young greek, and I and all my friends and brothers had no job, my father had topped himself because of his debts, and my mother and sisters were selling themselves down behind the derelict industrial site, I'd be scouring the web looking for recipes for home made C4 and acquiring legally or illegally, firearms.

It is axiomatic to me that denied the chance to take control of your own affairs peacefully, a suffering people will turn to violence. And they'd be right to. The Syriza leadership would be first in the firing line, having seized a pyhrric defeat from the jaws of victory.

Don't get me wrong. I loathe political violence. IRA, ISIS, Black Sept-fucking-tember - all bastards. But they had a choice and they opted to murder innocent civilians. The Greeks no longer do, and in my view any part of the political structure which is oppressing them would be a legitimate target.

All of this theatre to keep an economically dead little country in the Union as a permanent indigent.

Cufflyburgers. The Greeks voted in a left wing anti capitalist government who had two choices. 1. Leave the EU. 2. Negotiate a deal and pay their debts. The left wing government chose the latter and in doing so exposed themselves as frauds. What they did was take their salaries and conned the people.
It is sad to see a nation beind starved into submission by this monstrous EU organisation.
I will get up off my arse and personally campaign to get out. The EU has been trying to weaken the City of London financial centre so they can completely dominate.

Jimmy - for 6 months Syriza did what they were voted in to do. Then after the referendum, they completely caved and have now achieved a worse deal than they could have had. In fact it's one of the worst deals in history.

The idea that people voted OXI thinking they could stay in the euro, in my mind, is mistaken. The EU were quite clear during the campaign. People knew that OXI meant out and they were fine with that. I don't think voters are as stupid as the political class likes to pretend.

The people were voting NO to mass unemployment and permanent depression.

And now, they are being dispossessed as well.

My advice is to buy popcorn futures as the entertainment continues.

Spain is shaping up to follow Greece down the toilet in the general elections to be called at the end of the year. Amazing how stupid we are.

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