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Saturday, 11 July 2015


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"a climactic moment which, naturally, she would quickly reach in my arms"...David, now really! You are making it hard for me to read as my eyes are watering from laughter.

Well, Whiters, "we are not amused". May Serena Williams infest your dreams forever!

Well that dream will surely dry some watering eyes.

What was the film where the guy found out about the howler in the changing rooms.
Not sure who that would be Duff you with passion or her with Hysterics?

I am told elderly gentlemen do a lot of moaning during these times. It isn't clear if it comes from exertion or complete surprise.

I could watch the Williams sisters all day, they do not have to be playing tennis.

Can't help you with any of that, Gentlemen, it's been so long, you know!

Strange game people sitting with their heads rolling right and left watching a small ball being hit too and throw over a net with a few grunts and an occasional knicker flash ( the women). Then the interviews afterwards which are probably the same as the previous year. Better than working for a living I suppose. And Scotland was devastated except for me when dour Andy Murray got gubbed. OK TO BE HONEST I did once watch just to see the back end of Tracey Austin.

"I did once watch just to see the back end of Tracey Austin."

Jimmy, I worry about you sometimes!

David, A Man's a Man For A' That.

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