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Thursday, 16 July 2015


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"merely a corporate effort to ensure the trains run on time!"

Not exactly succeeding there are they?

Of course not, they never do but it occupies their little minds which should be concentrating on larger matters.

Perhaps if they concentrated on getting the trains to run on time, they wouldn't have the time to mess up "larger matters".

"Polls" indicated Scotland was headed one place, "Poll's" indicated Greece another. UKIP "Polls" of course.

BOE should, in my opinion henceforth and forevermore run the "Polls" and we'll decide from then on

I noticed the military style returns of the murdered holiday makers. And didn't approve.

Not my flag certainly so I could not, in conscience ...

I'd hoped BOE you appreciated my regard

Labour are a worthless opposition party anyway, hopelessly wedded to tribalism and not a shred of principle.

Cameron's main opposition is within his own ranks, certainly on any important issues.

I too and my wife were a bit puzzled at the military style return to the UK. Seemed like a good Tory PR job that must have worked. Who would publicly complain! No doubt more civilians will be killed in the future by the fruitcakes so we may have established what will become a routine return of bodies.

April 22, 1999 at 12:00 AM EDT

PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR: "I am absolutely delighted to be the first serving British Prime Minister to visit Chicago."


"The days when joining either Labour or Conservative parties was the norm for millions of people have long gone."

That may change if jointing your political opponents and voting for rubbish leaders becomes a national sport. Can't see it somehow, but the idea is appealing.

Having spoken to some friends about the military return of the bodies there were apparently a few reasons:
1 - Acts of terrorism aren't usually covered by insurance so if it's decided that the taxpayer's money is going to be used to get the bodies home. It's easier to get the military involved who are more used to carrying multiple dead bodies at short notice than paying civilian airlines.
2 - The military likes doing things by the book and if the book says this is what you do when a dead body arrives, then that is what happens, if that means a few civilians get soldiers in dress uniform carrying the coffin then that's what happens.

I'm half surprised that the coffins weren't draped in the Union Jack / Flag (delete dependent on which type of pedant you are).

"Delete which type of pedant you are"?


Schoolmaster, from Middle French pédant or directly from Italian pedante, literally "teacher, schoolmaster." Person who trumpets minor points of learning.

Shit BennyB, I are Arkansas. An' Hillbilly at that!

Where I was coming from and flags, in general, was simply to do with Honor. (Of course these days in the Southern USA ...

Some of those killed may not have wanted anything to do with the Union Flag. However I do think it was wrong for our government to do this. It is expected that a serving member of the military family permitting is entitled to a military funeral. A retired military member even in receipt of the VC is not entitled to a military funeral on death.

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