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Monday, 27 July 2015


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Well at least the Mongoloid Russian has two friends.

Probably not good news that china's economy is going into the sewer. To deflect social unrest at home China no doubt will start a war or three. Nothing better than to distract the mobs intent on lynching than by stoking up nationalist fervour.

Perhaps China will seize Siberia. So Russia won't need to build as much pipeline to reach China.

We're all right, David, our Stock Exchange only fell 1.14% this morning.

Who's the other one, Whiters?

Gloomy but true, alas, Antis.

Dead right, BOE, apparently the numbers of Chinese in Siberia is reaching alarming proportions. Won't be long before China insists on, er, 'protecting' them!

Pheeeew, well that's alright, then, Kevin!

David...the other one? His poodle Barack Obama.

Oh, I thought Obama was rather chucking his weight around over Ukraine and all that.

Yes, let the Chinese know we'll turn a blind eye in the UN to an invasion of Siberia, if they lay off the disputed islands in the South China sea.

So that'll be a "Double Vespasian" on the go: Sunni vs Shia, and Sino-Russian wars simultaneously, all our enemies kicking the living shit out of each other, while we hold their coats.

That would be bloody marvellous, a real result, that would,


The rate the Chinese are buying up stuff in Australa- plus the 'free trade' agreements - they will be speaking mandarin in no time at all.
The last prime minister did already.

John malpas. The aussies are flexible. They have had to endure the Irish who do not want to go back to good old progressive Oirland.

Lawrence, "calm down, dear!"

Thanks, John, I often wondered what language she was speaking!

Australia has been relying far too much in the past few years on China.
It's all about to collapse in a rather nasty heap, I fear.
A few years ago when Cairns started direct flights between China and Cairns the local paper had a banner every morning "The Chinese are coming! Are you ready?"
My partner, (who is 3rd generation Aussie/Chinese) when I enquired if he was ready, replied "Paulo Gai!!"
I made further enquiries and was informed that this translates as "Chicken & Pineapple".
Turns out he can order anything on the menu (in Cantonese, which is OUT!) and that is the total sum of his Chinese.

I think I would pay good money to watch a Chinese and an Aussie trying to communicate!

Hello David, haven't been here for very long.
You've done quite a good analysis and I am surprised about your awareness of Gazprom's way of doing business.
Once heard about the Iran deal I immediately came up with an idea that something disasterous is going to happen. The point is that absolutely nothing has been done to diversify Russian economy. It still consists of oil, gas and other commodities. The government anticrisis plan, which was adopted last year, basically has no any particular steps and on a whole suggests waiting for the moment the oil price rises. Now, when Iranian oil is just about to appear at the markets and chinese economy goes down the implications for Russia may well be disasterous. In this situation the majority of obligatory payments in Russia are rising dramatically, as well as fuel prices, social programs are being wrapped, and
the apotheosis - is a long-term land lease treaty signed recently with chinese...

Good to hear from you, Alexey, and I hope you are keeping well. That rascal Richard tells me he is back in England carry a bottle of vodka, a gift from you! So I had better say thank you now before I lose my voice! Mind you, I still haven't seen Richard but he tells me he is hiring a car in August so hopefully we will meet - and I will drink!

I fear for the people of Russia. These dictators never understand the subtleties of a free market and when their entire ruling class is stealing it is impossible. Poor Russia - in all senses of the word 'poor'.

You are welcome, David. I deliberately chose not the best Russian vodka but the very ordinary one, which is commonly drunk by ordinary Russians. So, hope you will!

Can't disagree with you, David. Russia is probably the wealthiest country of the world in regard of all types of commodities, so it is meant to be rich and developed. But If you only knew all the situation you would probably not beleive me.
We have an access to two oceans and several seas, but good fish is very expensive, we have plenty of fertile soils but we import a lot of our potato from the desert of Egypt and Israel, when oil price goes down fuel costs grow up...

Alexey. Do take care and make your own tea.

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