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Monday, 13 July 2015


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Sheriff Joe intimidates the PC lefties so bad they break down in "girlie fits". He remains high on their list of enemies.

Oh I don't know Sheriff Joe intimidates "all" of our Lefties Whitewall, there are the pink panties ...

(I think David, Sheriff Joe may gonna be Trump's VP.)

Thank you Duffers you are truly a gentleman and a scholar.

Just in time for me tea break!

I'll supply the set-up. Y'all the er, "punch"line

Sometimes, JK, I worry about your reading habits! And by the way, I notice that there were 2,600 comments to that story!

Eh, David? I figured that had to be US ...

Gloucestershire UK. Mind now, I was merely wondering where that was, if the "fit" lady with the Rampant Rabbit (nope, never heard of the brand) anyway, the police report notes she's a swimmer.

Of the "early morning variety" friend of yours?

Monday Funnies? About bloody time! I don't want to keep pestering Mr. Osbourne.

Sheriff Joe makes another arrest.

'Go git 'im, Joe!'

Aren't there any consenting horses in Pennsylvania?
I remember many, many years ago reading a wonderful letter in "Playboy" about a man who was arrested for ahem, being far too friendly with a duck, in the front seat of his (the man's) car.
He insisted it was a consenting duck and who am I to argue?

I trust that wasn't 'The Donald' duck!

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