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Monday, 20 July 2015


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There Andra There David gives Washington DC!

"It doesn't really matter so long as, he fits in the cannon."


I admit very difficult to translate Arkianese into Queensland's Cairns into Washington DC and then, reversed all that back into original.

(Like I need that "Sign Languager" from where was it, the Marshall Islands or someplace to hand-signal me & you Andra.

Or. Was it you Andra to me?)

Fuck it, it's Monday. Let me enjoy the rest of whatever David stole from either me or you.

In Blessed Silence or, blog-speak, no Retort-comment. Pretty Please Andra?

Forgive me Andra I beg?

I don't know y'all down-there has such as We up-heren't but Ourn't ever-so-preparent Memorial Day Watermelons & Fried Chicken Shuckin' & Jiven' Security-Review is takin' place

'N we'nt much enjoy our'n Hand-Speaker - unless maybe in Ferguson or Baltimore where the hand signs're plain - Anyway, no repeat of this Guy:

(Of course it's the US President so who gives a fuck anyway).


Thanks for the smiles, dear duffers, but what is up with JK? Has the moonshine caught up with him?

JK, I'm not sure. I'll have to get back to you on that.
In the meantime stop sniffing whatever it is you're sniffing.

Fear not, Miss Red, with JK it's not so much moonshine as the position of the moon in relation to the other planets, or something like that. Either that or Barny Magroo is adding something to his, er, recipes!

Love the translation of the young Turks youtube thingie. Thanks JK.

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