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Friday, 14 August 2015


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David, as Bliss, you seem quite determined. The poor, doubting lady in your sights seems equally determined. Nice stage sets in both photos. I assume these shots of you are a few years old and you are still just as dashing and commanding a presence?

That's 'on stage', Whiters', alas, 'off stage' I remain the same shuffling, grumpy, old git I have been since I was about fourteen!

Well, I just showed this 7th installment to Mrs. Whitewall. Your reply has crushed her to the point that she is about to have her first bloody mary 2 hours early. Ahh, retirement!

Bless her sensible cotton socks, tell her to have another one - on me!

Bliss family? Surely that is mis-spelt and that should be Blair family ? Which take over a middle east country amd kill 250000 people?

Still, you look very handsome mich more so than Tony!

Is that your own mustache or do you buy them in bulk?
And furthermore, I believe that orange gown has been a curtain in a previous life.
Still, you were definitely a handsome fellow. And then came the long johns!

I don't know about the 'handsome', Cuffers, but I wish I had even 10% of his ill-gotten gains!

I'm delighted to say, Andra, that the moustache is mine. My alopecia had more or less cleared and I had just about enough standing whiskers to produce that effort. But 'stick around, kid, you ain't seen nuttin' yet' until my next theatrical memoir in which my eye-brows won an acting award!

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