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Monday, 17 August 2015


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It makes one wonder just how much Blair is paying Chilcott to find ways of delaying the report. Then, when Blair becomes President of the EU, he will be above the law and can't be prosecuted.

'You might say that, Penseivat, I couldn't possibly comment'!

To my shame I too was in favour of the war at the time and furious now I realise I was played for a fool.

I want to see Blair hang for his crimes. Can we extradite the bastard to Iraq?

Is there a relation to the Clinton's?

Blair did the right thing. The Islamists needed to be faced up too. The West was getting blind and weak. The Islamists were recruiting nutters in Britain long before 9/11.

Jimmy, what world are you living in? The Iraq invasion was a disaster and the ramifications are still with us.

The Iraq war was very successful! It was the rather longer bit afterwards that wasn't. Too bad Blair and his mate Bush did't have a plan for that bit.....

I might add that altho' you know that there were no WMD, That is just hindsight. It wasn't so obvious at the time.

Tony Blair was in a position to go to war legally without reference to Parliament using the crown prerogative. However (and typically for him), he wanted it coming going and under the armpits - so he had to cook up the whole yarn about Saddam and his WMD so as to persuade his quaking backbenchers that going to war was the Right Thing to Do. His mendacity is the real issue - going to war is ultimately a decision for the government. This was particularly the case where M. Chirac had made it impossible to obtain the legal figleaf of UN approval "no matter what the circumstances are".

But, BOE, neither was it "obvious" that WMD existed *before* the war but Blair, backed by his toadies in MI6, insisted that it was. I believed them! What I still can't work out was what drove Blair to his mendacity. Did he want to go down in history as a second Maggie? Was he so in love with 'the American dream' that he couldn't wait for those one-on-one meetings with 'Dubya' and feeling the mantle of Roosevelt and Churchill falling over his shoulders? I just wish Chilcott would get on with it and tell us!

'H', I think Bush & Co did a fair bit of 'cooking' as well.

Yes, I've no doubt Bush told a few porkies too, but I don't care so much what the septics get up to.

As for Blair's motivation - hard to say really, but I think he thought it was bad for Britain if the US went it alone, and that Iraq would be a success story which would result in any initial unpleasantness being forgotten.

WMD. The Iraqis used chemical weapons on the Iranians and the Kurds. So they had had them and no one knew if they still did. Biological weapons could be produced in a toothpaste factory and the Iraqis had Russian Scud missiles. It was believed that the Russians had Scuds with a bio warhead. The Israelis destroyed Saddam's nuclear reactor but who knew what else they had?

I spent 13 years in various intelligence posts in London and elsewhere. Intelligence assessments are always tentative and full of "perhaps" and "maybe". Just like Chilcott's report when he finally produces it.

BOE, just recently, ISIS used chemical weapons which they got from Iraqi strongholds. Sounds like WMD to me, but I guess technically chem weapons do not fall into that category. I agree with you, I'm glad Saddam is gone, and his horrid sons too.

WMD includes nuke, bio & chem. it used to just be nuke, but the Americans re-defined it just before the liberation of Kuwait. This mean't that if the Iraqis used chemical weapons the Yanks would nuke them. Seems to have worked.

David. Over in sunny Belgium just now. I still think Blair did the right thing. It was unfinished business from 1991. Saddam was a thug and the people were given a chance for democracy and power sharing. So they blew it. Just further proof that Islam and democracy are incompatible.

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