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Friday, 21 August 2015


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Bad news I'm afraid. At the moment a large band of wet stuff is passing overhead, here in central Cornwall, and it's heading for you!!!!

Well, usually, BOE, your rotten Cornish weather has the good manners to turn left at Crewkerne and drop its load on the Welsh which is, of course, exactly right, fitting and proper!

There is enough for all of you!

You're too, too kind!

G'day Duffers. Bloody cold here in Oz. Got down to 12C today in Melbourne. No sign of rain though.

Up Andra's way it is around 26C.

Trust her to nick all the good weather!

Duffers the only thing wrong with Andra's part of Oz is, apart from the odd Category 5 cyclone, that once you get above Townsville the likelihood of any randomly chosen two people being directly related and somewhat retarded grows exceeding strong. It is a warmer version of the hilly [we don't have real mountains] far east of my State. Also Tasmania where the saying of two heads are better than one is quite physiologically accurate.

While I didn't get to lunch with you and BoE in the fair Duchy of Cornwall I did whilst in your Septic Isle happen to come by a Cornish beer called Doom Bar - quite palatable.

I can see an intra-Aussie fight brewing so, in the famous words of the classic News of the World reporter, I will make my excuses and leave!

I've just come back from lunch in the pub (walk of 30 yards) which included a couple of pints of Doom Bar. What good taste you have!

No, no argument here. I've lived in Cairns for 42 years and lived to talk about cyclones. Been through over 20 or so and the only one that did me any damage was Yasi, about 6 or 7 years ago. One of my skylights disappeared and left me with a big hole in the ceiling/roof. Still, I survived 'em all and apart from that, the living is pretty good here.
I have just finished reading Robert Harris's book on Dreyfus, on your recommendation, DD. I wasn't sure about it for the first 40 or so pages but then got the hang of all the French stuff and found it fascinating. Seems absolutely plausible to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Taa for that one.
Got 7 or 8 books by the bed now to tackle so I'll be busy for a day or two.
Rain is good, we need some in Queensland. 80% of the state is in the worst drought in living memory.....the coastal bit (where I am) is not so bad but we still are way down on our quota. And another La Nina on the way....not good.

Glad you enjoyed the Dreyfus book, Andra. Harris has fictionalised it, of course, but he has stuck pretty close to the history of a truly squalid chapter in French life.

Good weather here in Ypres David and a lot of Aussies around.

G'day Jimmy,

Always a lot of Aussies around Ypres. Lot of Aussie blood in the soil around there. Fortunately not that of my maternal grandfather.

One of the most poignant places I have ever visited.

I enjoyed your home town when I was there about six weeks ago - pity the natives don't speak English.

Don't comeback via Cornwall, Jimmy!

David, I have stayed in St Agnes a few times and every time you looked at the weather map there was always a cloud over that little peninsula. The camp site owner was always going on about the great summer off 1976.

AussieD. The four days of the Yser culminated in Ypres yesterday with special Last Post Ceremony, 1530hrs at the Menin Gate. It usually ended on a Saturday but due to financial restraints in the Belgium Army it was brought forward. The numbers in attendance were down however still a good turnout.
The good thing about Glesga is you can grunt and drag the woman by the hair round the streets.

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