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Wednesday, 12 August 2015


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...a tumble down the stairs maybe?

To whom are you referring, Sir, Uggie or me?

David I do remember the auld days and have a laugh and still do. So do keep your good health and plod on.
You are needed although replacable, I hope. Och Aye.

"You are needed although replaceable". Er, thanks, Jimmy, I think!

The full frontal of an actors "privates"is now mandatory in "arty"films. So an animal star is no exception. I am told that a man looks at an animals privates first unlike the lady who has adoration for countenance only.
RIP Uggie.

@ Peter - Most men also look at a lady's privates first if at all feasible

gone to join Lassie, Trigger...

Surely Lassies plural?

You had to direct a rabbit, though.

Indeed, I did, Miss Mayfly, and he gave a quite marvellous performance, darling, although the credit is due to his trainer, I think! Being lifted out of a tophat by your ears night after night is not the most comfortable entrance for any 'luvvie'!

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