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Friday, 21 August 2015


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A fine offering you have here David. Our electorate is pretty well split right now among several factions: those who were fooled by Obama's offer of "salvation through his blackness", those who want him to use more of it and become more extension they back the sociopath Hillary. Then there are the quiet people who never pay attention to politics and know little or nothing--aka the most dangerous people in a democracy.

Then there is the Conservative faction, the Republican faction, the Libertarian faction and the just pissed off "where's my gun and ammo" faction. Out of this primordial slime you get Sir Donald of Trump and The Red Queen Hillary. Neither are fit for the White House. Things are going to get loud and ugly pretty soon as the real campaigns draw near. Time for a "great sorting out". Pick a side or move aside.

"A great sorting out" is devoutly to be desired, 'Whiters', but will it happen in this Twitter/Facebook world of instant imagery? I don't know but I fear, Sir, I fear!

"I might - repeat might - even contemplate changing my mind on our relationship with the EU"

Ich kann sehr gut sehen das attrachtung den tuffen-Luffen auf der Kaiserin ist gross gegrowen mit dir.

Donner und SPLITTERzen!!!


Google Translate nearly blew a gasket with that load of old scheisse, SoD, and I would have you know that relations between me and Kaiserin are entirely proper!

Achtung, Panzer!

Not happy with foisting one currency on the Euros, the Jerries want to standardize them on one tank - the one made by the Jerries, of course! - and make sure they buy a whole lot more of that tank too.

And as some of the commentators observed in that article: A truly defensive strategy would employ ATGM's, drones, comms, and counter battery kit, and get you much more bang for you Deutschmark (sorry, Euro) in a defensive posture.

Tanks are not for a defensive strategy, they're for, errr, reaching Moscow.

The Jerries are deadly serious about a United Europe, aren't they? If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again.

The choice of US vs. EU will be Britain's biggest 21st Century decision. Whichever way we go we will be in the frontline if those two fall out, a sort of Ukraine of the West, the fault line between the two tectonic power plates of the free world.

Let's hope Blighty takes the right decision and we all stay pals.


Don't worry about Trump, he's not a serious candidate. The start of campaign season always has some nobody who gets a lot of attention. This is just the electorate's way of telling the others to take some issue seriously. Trump is being used to tell the others that immigration is an important issue that must be dealt with. But he'll disappear once that point is made.

Personally I think Sanders will take the lead from Hillary. I'm a little suspicious that the BLM people are attacking only Sanders. I think it's a set up done by Hilary's people, maybe Soros. There is no reason why a democrat should not vote for Sanders. He is much cleaner than Hillary, much more honest in a debate, and in general voices every concern that democrats nourish. The only reason to not vote for him is a remaining fear that he might lose. But that didn't stop the Obama forces.

I may as well post this here.

Do you know Shaun King? He's the race hustler behind the huge BLM movement. As a Black Man (capital B, capital M) he is filled with endless stories about being attacked by white mobs because of his stand on civil rights issues. The stories go back to his childhood. Oprah Winfrey gave him a scholarship to attend a black university.

You guessed the rest. The guy ain't black. He's white. He just gets a tan every summer. Can anyone come up with a pun like FauxCohontas? Tanning booth black?

Just imagine - President Saunders and Prime Minister Corbyn!

That's why, SoD, the fact that the 'cousins' are giving every appearance of going mad is so worrying.

So, like a drowning man, Dom, I will cling to your words and hope for the best. And, yes, I read about Mr. King yesterday - absolutely priceless. Will Oprah invite him on to her show?

BOE, stop it, you're giving me nightmares!

How about President Trump and Prime Minister Farage then?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Quick, where are my meds?

Trump & Farage would be preferable to Clinton & Sturgeon who would talk us to death. You could vote for them just to get them to shut the F up.

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