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Saturday, 29 August 2015


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I never miss seeing the old musicals when they turn up on the telly, generally on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
I know most of them by heart already can't resist watching one more time.
Those were the days indeed.

To be fair, I'm not sure I could sit *all* through some of them, the dialogue can be toe-curlingly banal but once the music starts and the toes start tapping - I'm lost.

This too is (one of) my secret vice(s).

I 'may' have a large collection of dvd's (and not just MGM but all those 20th Century Fox Rogers and Hammerstein ones too).

I'd say Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is still my favourite (a fact that may go a long way to explaining just why my 'dance moves' are so 'enthusiastic' – they look so much better when I do them with an axe).

I'm carefully refraining from mentioning the leading ladies (Jane Powell – Oh my aching … er, heart - in crinolines and ... frilly underwear too!) as an additional attraction (the 'good old days' when ladies were ladies and all a man had to do was be able to sing harmony and get a bunch of friends to dance some complicated choreography to get a date – sigh!).

I think, Jerven, your ambitions could be realised because I, and others, I'm sure, would pay good money to see you dancing with an axe, or better still, doing that routine I saw in the excerpt yesterday where the men did a fantastic dance on planks raised in the air - one slip and - ouch!

incidentally, Seven Brides is playing in London at the moment.

Do you want to see a country in decline? Watch "that's entertainment" then watch "straight outta Compton".

Sorry, Dom, I could only skim-read the Wiki summary and now I feel like crying again but for very different reasons.

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