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Thursday, 13 August 2015


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As I have often remarked, what we need is a collapse in British politics, followed by a realignment that results in voters being given a real choice. I thought it would be your lot, broken up by UKIP. But now it looks as though the Labour party could lead the way. What fun..........

You have it right about Comrade Sanders. He is a place holder for the "lady from Indian country". The Democratic Party can no longer run a Democrat as a candidate. On the other side, the Americans are boiling over with anger. Sir Donald of Trump is a symptom of anger as he is well off enough to say what he wants which makes the PC crowd wet themselves in anger. I enjoy that but don't have any use for Sir Donald. Our domestic pot is boiling.

There's a lot of unfocused anger, to be sure. However, even those not terribly angry shudder with disgust at the goings on. The Democrats have followed a subtle strategy of convincing voters that, "they are all like that." For example, when the latest perp is a Democrat, you can tell because the "news" stories do not mention his or her party, until the last or penultimate paragraph, and the Republican? It's often the first word of the headline and the article. "Republican dog-catcher faces inquiries." Since nearly all the papers and the electronic media are Dem propaganda outlets, this is very effective at forming the mind-set of the Low Information Voter. Keep in mind that seventy five percent of all random human populations have an IQ less than one hundred ten, the level at which people can handle abstract concepts. If some of the neo-racialists were to be right, and the average is less than one hundred, the numbers would be worse, but seventy five percent is quite dumb enough. With huge numbers of the smart and educated so steeped in socialism and Rouseavianism, they can be counted upon to dissemninate the party line without asking too many questions. What we are, it rhymes with trucked.

Dammit David !!!

Always ALWAYS remember - when mentioning whatzername - you simply must remember there's twice you gotta press the 'Shift' key along with the 'B' key.

There's right honorable Hillbillies reading here and so long as we see the proper HillBilly we're "Steady as 'e goes" ... but when we get to such a last and final instance where that B ain't capitalized I got to send out a flurry a emails keeping reg'lar Hillbillies from taking to the johnboats and motoring over to invade Somerset.

Where've you been, JK?

Andra, JK has been taking ballet lessons. Arkansas style. Let your mind wander.

Right Whitewall "ballet lessons Arkansas 'style" I'm really very sick of North Carolina, ... that'd be where

this lot'd be found no?

Some other stuff ... making reduction of the Federal workforce damn nigh impossible ... NC being about the same as VA (or course you nearing retirement ...

JK, good to see you. I am already retired. Not as easy as I thought. You are too yet?

For God's sake, JK, don't let your hillbillies invade 'Zummerzet' because the result of the inbreeding is simply too horrific to contemplate!

And please, can we have a short video of the 'ballet Arkansas-style' referred to by Whiters? I would like to see how closely it resembles our version:

The silly old men frolicking around with their lesbian sticks (see Sister Wolf for details) look like retired outlaw bicycle gang members trying to avoid jail sentences by pleading insanity.
I missed the message re Arkie ballet lessons.......too abstract for this old Aussie dame. And it's been wine time for several hours now.

Andra. Do not be kidded about the Morris Dancers. Some of them are heavy drinking hard cases. I would be nice to them!

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