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Monday, 24 August 2015


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Are we seeing the catalyst that brings my many pessimistic predictions that I have been making but never happen for the last zillion years come true at last. The pessimist in me will make me deliriously happy but the other side of me will make me very fearful. Is the future to see a world economic recession that will make all previous ones look like a tea part, conflict in Asia perhaps triggering WWIII and chaos, lawlessness and social unrest everywhere.

Perhaps I should hope I am wrong yet again and be grateful.

It's being so cheerful, Antis, that keeps you so young!

Antisthenes, we are seeing a long over due correction in the markets around the world. Central banks have pumped money into stock markets for too long making investing almost "no risk". No telling what will be uncovered on the beach when the tide rolls out. Keep your stash of millions dry and when it is clear--buy low.

I trust your millions are safely stuffed away in your mattress?

Oops... my question is meant for our gracious host.

Thank you for your interest, Whiters, and my overdraft is safely in the bank where it has been for years!

I've always assumed that all statistics, data, prices, or anything else coming out of China was rigged and fiddled by the Communist Party and has no meaning in reality at all.

So if the share "prices" there are falling, it's probably because that is what the old men in charge want.

I do not believe those "prices" represent a fair and free market valuation of anything in the sense that we in the West understand such a thing.

Andrew, I realised a few years ago that China's biggest product was 'BS' when I first saw those huge cities built on borrowed money and with only about 5% occupancy.

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