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Thursday, 06 August 2015


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That "one gun" is another word for the outlet connected to the "head". It's got to go somewhere.

It's only got one gun because they can't afford enough shells to fire two at once. Also, where is the flag pole?

I am surprised the contract has been given to the Clyde more so as the Nats are after another referendum. Hardly fair giving out RuK taxpayers money to a foreighn country when it could be done locally.


I went and looked up the class. In addition to fancy electronics and 5" gun you noted it has all sorts of missiles and guns with warheads that can actually sink or shoot down something. Doesn't have the range and warhead size a carrier can deliver, but it's an escort frigate.

Even has four general purpose machine guns (for the Royal marine landing parties?)

Seriously, it looks like a good purchase.

Hmmmmn! Maybe, Hank, but we shall see how it copes with cunning Chinese cyber-attacks plus a swarm of deadly drones!

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