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Saturday, 01 August 2015


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Look on the bright side, we won't be seeing photos of his rotund figure on fat hairy legs huffing and puffing through one of those Parliamentary football games. I thank whichever deity is in vogue at the moment that the photographers switch their cameras off before the shirt sharing ceremony at the end. Perhaps Harridan Harperson, in her constant demand for equality, will take his place? Now that would be worth photographing!

Yes indeed the defeat of Balls was the crowning moment of an enoyable evening. Loathsome bastard. Duffers remember theres no honour in any of the feckers. I would have laughed my arse off if cameron had lost his seat as well... Ok great the tories won they are marginally less fucking disastrous than the cunts on the other side of the house but Cameron is still fundamentamentally anti-British, in former and better times he would have been invited to discuss matters with various instruments of persusion before being hang/drawn/quartered which would indeed be enjoyable to watch. Infact we could do nealy all of the bastards.

Calm down, Cuffers dear, and do remember the ladies are present!

I wonder, Penseivat, if she would make page 3 of The Sun?

Well, in Oz our lovely Bronnie (let them eat cake, and call for my helicopter) has decided to call it a day.
Glasses are being raised in every house in the country!


testing testing 1,2,3

Bronwyn Bishop .... lately resigned as Speaker of the House in our Federal Parliament.
Been using helicopters instead of the train for too long and we, the people, revolted, as is our wont.
Up the revolution!
More heads will roll down under in the coming months. Stand by...........

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