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Wednesday, 05 August 2015


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Relax David, it's the silly season. The papers will publish any old guff in August, but when the kids go back to school and the grown-ups have time to really study things again, the doom'n'gloom will be back to full strength.

Peyote all around?

Thank God for that, Kevin, I can't stand all this good cheer!

As always, Whiters, you are an education. I knew the word 'peyote' but until I just looked it up I had no idea what it was.

David if it was not the Irish or the Spanish that were leading the charge then it would be someone else. It is pyhcological just to put people at ease with the all is almost well scenario. Another crash will happen after another boom that is how capitalism works. Get rid of the dead wood and start again.
No one has come up with an alternative.

Even better news from AEP: The Camel-shaggers are fucked: --

Let's hope they go for one last desperate roll of the dice and zap those Iranian nuclear facilities, backed up with a full scale invasion.

That should keep the hairies of both persuasions busy for at least a century.


Lawrence. I thought the USA were on friendly terms with Saudi and prepared to protect them from Iran.

Japan are going to propose a new nuclear treaty. Maybe Putin, the Chinese and Iran will be monitors.

Come on Jimmy - keep up! The current president of the USA is going to protect the Iranians from all comers. This is a slight reversal of the previous policy, which you mention.

Quite so, Jimmy.

We wouldn't want the Sunni faction to be so weakened it goes down without a fight. But remember, the camel-shaggers alone are still the 5th largest military in the world, plus you've got the other Sunni petro-states, bristling with Western hi-tech weaponry.

We just need to even the odds up a little, hence letting the Persians back into the trading world, while Saudi wilts from falling oil revenue.

Once the prize fighters weigh in at the same, ding, ding, round one of the neo-Thirty Years War (AEP even refers to the Thirty Years War now, D&N reader, perhaps?).


Read the radio conversation between the Sunni and Shia fighters and then watch the Python scene again: -

Sometimes real life and parody are indistinguishable.


Jimmy, we are friendly with the Saudis but wary. They are like wise with us. If the Arab world blows up....yes that is an awkward phrase, maybe the Navy can remove 5th Fleet and put it somewhere useful. Like augmenting the 3rd Fleet with emphasis on threats coming from Washington, DC.

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