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Friday, 07 August 2015


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Ohh, bad timing I'm afraid. Tonight on TCM one of my very favorite films, "The Lion in Winter" will be showing. I love good writing and delivery and this one has it!

I have both the film and the TV series starring Alec Guinness in my collection. Both are well worth (re)watching.

I have the full monty including Smiley's People. Will still watch tonight.

I had to endure the bloody cricket again!

Damn it, Duffy; you must be a mind reader! Recorded it last night, but will have to watch it when the Boss had gone to bed. (All she watches are cooking programmes - good, I suppose - and house makeovers - definitely a bad thing).
Btw, dunno if you've seen this:
Pointy on top form!

Whiters, you are on a charge for disobeying orders - although 'Lion in Winter' was an excellent film.

Well done, Richard and Jimmy, promotion to 'Control' for one of you.

Oh, poor Australian Andra, I feel your pain despite the fact that I am chewing on a hankie to stop my peels of laughter. Australia, all out for 60 in the first innings - un-bel-iev-able!

Thanks, Oswald, I now have 'Pointman' well and truly bookmarked.

xlnt film, I saw it in the cinema when it first came out.

Oldman plays it very differently to Guinness but both are entirely convincing.

I think I prefer the old Guinness version, mainly because it's longer!

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