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Saturday, 29 August 2015


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It only rained twice while SWMBO and I were in the Septic Isle. Plenty of Gerbil Worming too.

Yep, I think you set a D&N tax, plus ask for a whip round, to help any like minded Mrs Zahera Tariq's and Portsmouth Badboys on their way, Easyjet tickets, extra luggage space for the suicide vest, etc.

And we should welcome with open arms the courageous, ambitious, hard working immigrants who, also given the choice, decide to come here.

You see, nature has given us one natural political process that works in our favour - by us I mean the freedom loving, rule of law respecting, democracy capable, Western family - the effect of porous borders and individual freedom of choice.

The shits go to shitsville, and good stuff goes West. SoD's ultimate law, so long as the following caveats are met, this is a very desirable natural process to leverage: -

1. The borders must be reasonably porous.
2. A state of factional war must exist, and be stoked up and sustained, in shitsville. This is so that the shits fight each other rather than us, and a good steady stream of good stuff comes our way.

The same process destroyed the Soviet Union. The process was damped by the not so porous border, but the purges and persecutions provided the factional war to send the good stuff West.

And the Spanish Civil war was a corker. How many class / race socialists did that consume; how many Lenins and Hitlers were pushing up the daisies in the plain in Spain before they could go on to cause havoc elsewhere?

The trick is to keep the conflict in shitsville going. This is the ultimate energy that underpins the whole process. Like a fridge or a heat separator, it needs energy to separate hot particles from cold ones. Factional conflict in shitsville is just that energy.

Luckily, our bumbling super-heroes Blair and Bush, kick-started the energy supply by invading Iraq and Afghanistan. And the successors to the bumbling super-heroes seem quite bumbling enough to keep the energy source switched on.

Starts to make you wonder if our super-heroes are really bumbling, or actually just using a bumbling facade to mask the fact they're actually quite switched on?


Well the least you could have done was stay here with your Aussie-style weather instead of sampling schnapps from Oslo to Narvik!

Wasn't much alcohol consumed in Norway while I was there. The tax they impose on alcohol makes Dick Turpin look like a philanthropist compared to the Norwegian "gummint'.

A pint worked out at about 8 GBP.

SoD, I have to admire your, er, esoteric style of writing. Very witty if not entirely accurate. Now where did you get that from, I wonder?

AussieD, I could have warned you about the ridiculous price of booze in Norway. In 1959, my Regiment went to Trondheim prior to an exercise up in the Narvik valley. On return to Aldershot the Colonel held a battalion parade and we all expected the usual bollacking for our appalling behaviour which had upset the locals. Instead, he read a letter of thanks from the Mayor of Trondheim congratulating him on the good behaviour of his troops! The only reason was that none of the 'Toms' could afford the price of beer in the town so they stayed on the air base and drank the canteen dry!

Some of our lads did a major exercise in Norway 1974 but they packed a 4 tonner with booze on the way out. It did return empty in the best British tradition.

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