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Sunday, 16 August 2015


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SoD's rumble: -

August in Blighty but I woke up in the middle of the night freezing my moobs off and had to find my jim-jams, so obviously quite grumpy this morning.

Then I read this morning that the Sweaties, far from being sweaty, were still skiing in the Cairngorms in May on the last dump of snow which arrived in May: -



Go back to bed, Mr. Grumpy!

Seeing that piccie "September Morn", I wonder how Monsieur Chabas, from Nantes I believe, found a bint brave enough to skinny dip in Northern European waters in September 1869-1937?

Must've been a damn sight warmer then than it is now ...


Unfortunately, the picture isn't quite clear enough to check the, er, 'nipple-pucker proxy' which would provide the sort of strict scientific evidential standards required by the 'Warmers'!

No, but my hockey stick seems to have "up-ticked".

On the same general thread, albeit slightly tenuous, and for Sunday de-grumpificational purposes only: -

Venezuela looks like she's got a winky; seems that Socialist gender equality project's doing just fine over there.

Syria's wearing nappies, but anyone would be shitting themselves if they lived there.

And good ol' yankee-doodle-dandy's been on the burgers again, but it seems to have gone on in all the right places.

No Ozz? She was too busy in the cricket nets practicing for the national team.

Mine's Italy, for sure.


Alas, these days all I would ask is which one's the best cook?

Ah, I feel much better now.

Nothing like a bit of good ol' fashioned racism, sexism, Oz and Socialism ribbing to banish the Sunday blues.


We aim to pliss, ooops, sorry, I mean 'please'!

There are sooo many "isms" to work with these days. New ones seem to come out of nowhere.

The 'SandByn©' phenomenon....the last and best hope of the Red Utopia?

If only they were the last, 'Whiters', but, alas, they have a secret breeding ground somewhere!

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