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Sunday, 02 August 2015


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David I was never fond of marmalade although my ma and English granny loved it. My ma used to post the Peoples Friend and marmalade to my sister when she lived in England with her footballer husband.
Cilla was around during the sixties and that was the best time ever for music although the fifties were OK. I seem to recall that Cilla and Dione Warwick had Anyone who had a Heart in the Charts at the same time.
If Labour split if Corbyn gets in then that is fine with me. I will withdraw my membership after many years. I will not support a party that supports a man that has given credence to terrorists and religious fanatics. Other than that enjoy your toast and marmalade David.

My domestic advisor suggests that you should have reduced the amount of water to compensate for the whiskey. As her version is excellent she may be right.

I am hoping that Mr Corbyn is elected leader of Labour. Imagine the sheer fun of watching him and them. And maybe, for the first time in many years, we will get a real choice!

BOF. Just get Jar from the local shop. Saves the wife time washing the dishes.

Your splendid wife has a keen set of priorities, I see, BOE - cut down on the water but lay on the whisky!

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