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Sunday, 30 August 2015


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Perhaps we could just say that Obama is the most malignant president in living memory?

Perhaps, BOE, but one hesitates over Richard Nixon.

Tricky Dicky was an amateur compared to others who have occupied the Oval Orifice.

Well, malignant was your word of choice; and Nixon did start to sort out the US relationship with China. I can't think of a single good thing to say about Obama.

Moving on to your second item - the weather. What do your followers think about their local weather? Subjectively, I think the weather in Cornwall has changed since 1994. Winters are warmer and summers are wetter. The only time the BBC gets it right is when they forecast uncertainty!

Obama malignant? Yes. Deliberately so. The only anti America president ever. I and those like me regard his actions as those of an enemy. I go farther and regard the man himself as an enemy. He resents the global Left loosing the Cold War as Putin resents the world without the USSR.

It seems there is a constant mixing of the terms "climate" and "weather". People probably hear about the awful tornado outbreaks the American mid west experiences every spring. Most times the tornados tear up open farm land and some barns and farm houses. Livestock is also lost. This is called a "weather" event. If the very same tornado system strikes 20 miles away in a heavily populated area, like Moore,Oklahoma or even worse- Springfield, Mo. as happened a few years ago...then THAT is a "climate event".

Well, on the basis of absolutely no evidence of causation, only correlation, I think we're in for a chilly few years until the sun regains its acne.

Eh Whitewall?

That'd be Joplin MO - not - Springfield Mo.

Had it been Springfield you'd heard me shrieking all the way to North Carolina - maybe even Zummerzet.

Has to do with terrain somewhat ... them twisty-thingies don't seem to last too long in the hills. Just "a little primer" on the Ozarks (maybe handy should you find yourself on Jeopardy) The Ozarks are bounded by three plateaus - the Harrison (in Arkansas, 80 miles west) the Springfield (Missouri, 70 miles NNW) and where I may be (generally) found, the Salem in Arkansas.

Joplin Missouri on the other hand - is within spitting distance of both Oklahoma and Kansas.

That's NOT to say the twistys (or derachos, actually very very much more common in the hills ... with sometimes Spectacular effect ... simply put a deracho is a "downburst") but as I started to mention ... the twistys can occur in the Hills - just don't stay in the ground for an extended path - tend to bounce off and back up into the clouds (where twistys belong) because of all the hills in the way.


Figured David - I best at least check in ... I been kinda busy.


Me mentioning "terrain" - couple general maps from which to get a *pretty good why/why not* - Note Arkansas' Valley and the Delta and the West Gulf Coastal Plain. Springfield Missouri incidentally is a mere 30 or so miles N of the AR/MO line pretty near the center E/W line - better idea can be had from the second link.

(Give it time to load

JK I missed you.
How go the dangles?

Well JK!! Merciful heavens, I thought you had fallen off the planet! You're right about Joplin of course. Used to be back in the old Indian days, when I was between Seneca and Neosho, Mo. and wanted to locate proper lodging that did not require me to keep a pistol by my bed...people would tell me to drive north toward Joplin but to be careful about how I got on interstate 44 as if I missed the exit, I would wind up near Springfield before I could turn back. I messed up on my first try. Never after.

Well Andra, I'd forgot there was a "Mother's Day" on our calendar. When all the cards 'n gifts started piling up on Mom's entryway table I found myself feeling a little "geejee-snoppy" and so I clipped the dangleys plumb damn off, wrapped 'em in a paper-towel and handed the "package" to her. (Probably maybe superfluous to add she didn't exactly have a "right-fondness" for 'em in the first place.

But you know what?

Positive Plumb Crazy-Like-Happy she shouted Best Mother's Day Present I Ever Got !!!

And to this very day the dangleys occupy an honored spot on her dressing table. Except she placed the whole kit'nkaboodle in one of them "decorative jars" I think they is called.

Sometimes, just occasionally, you know, from time to time, I feel somehow that I'm losing control of this blog . . .

Bright-Side David ... allus keep a lookin' on the Bright-Side. Your vookaboolarry lessoning has taken a dramatic downturn of late now donchar reckon?

Geejeesnoppy for instance - an' that'd begin with a "hard G" at ther aginnin' second syllable like in a "Gee Whiz" the remainin' I figure you got ...

Well Whitewall, I been in the air alot goin' to places mostly west - states where the terrain like I am most fond of turns decidedly in the direction of western Kansas. Where if the pilots get lost in the clouds they has to keep they good-eye on the compass. I even got as far as Alienland a couple times ... since this here blog originates outta the UK I guess I better specify Roswell NM.

An' one last thing - these days should you come back in most of the generalized areas you was a mentioning - keep that pistol very handy.

David, yes I know...but at least we all speak English...

JK, count on it.

Whitewall. There was an old joke which is not PC nowadays. What do you call a nigger with an automatic rifle and a full magazine. Sir.

Your mother put the dangles in a "decorative jar" ..... full of hydrochloric acid or some such?

Don't tell anyone, least of all, 'JK', but word has it that she stuck 'em in a pipe and smoked 'em! Best high she ever had, so I am told!

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