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Saturday, 15 August 2015


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If the good people of Scotland want a real time peep into the realities of Socialism, though it be a fer piece away, look at Venezuela.

I always wondered where the Law Firm of "poor, nasty, brutish, and short" originated. Now I know.

David. The Nats will probably put a referendum on their manifesto for 2016. They could possibly go for 2017 and have it clash with the EU referendum. They clearly want to stay in the EU and hand over sovereignty to them. As I have said before England should look after No 1.

But how much of Britain's economic success and stability since the 1970's (including the fact we got through the banking crisis and out the other side better than all the others) is actually due to us being in the EU?

The austerity and fiscal governance that EU legislation obliges us to conform to, and as law abiding types (unlike the Franks, Latinos and Paddies) we do conform to, that held us in comparative good stead in the last three and a half decades, how much of that would Blighty have actually adhered to if we had been on our own?

Take a look at Corbyn's "People's QE": -

Are you sure that the British voters and the UK constitution is strong enough on its own to avoid the temptation of that?

Isn't it really quite useful that Brit politicians can shrug their shoulders and say: "We can't tax / borrow / print (delete as applicable) to fund such-and-such a project because we'll brush up against our EU obligations. We'd really Love to of course, but sorry, we just can't, ECJ and all that".

Hasn't it been a Godsend that the Left has been hobbled in its natural pro-fiscal excess and monetary laxity ethos by its contradictory stance of being simultaneously pro-EU - and therefore pro- fiscal and monetary prudence nationally?

Oh, you might say, what about Blair and Brown taking us from 34% of GDP through the state up to near 50% and all their borrowing and printing, all done while we were in the EU?

To that I say: Just imagine wtf they would have done if we'd been outside the EU and the rules and regs of the Jerries during their tenure!

Without this constraint, and the hobbling of the Left, don't you think Blighty will revert back to the 1970's before you can say "Red"?

Isn't it better to be in the EU but out of the Eurozone, so we get enough Jerry discipline, but not too much?


No, no and no again! My argument against EU membership lies not in the "dismal science" of economics but in the ages old necessity of living in a free and independent country run by domestic governments under a legal system evolved over centuries, not by a bunch of foreigners most of whom have not lived their entire lives in freedom and democracy and who would have difficulty spelling the words let alone understanding them!

Yes, of course our governments have made mistakes and will continue to do so but every five years we have the chance to give them a smack. When will get the chance to deselect 'Juncker the Drunker' and all his cronies?

"... a free and independent country run by domestic governments under a legal system evolved over centuries, not by a bunch of foreigners"

Apart from Cerdric and his Jerries who crafted the first half, and Billy the Conc and his Normans who crafted the second half, of our "free and independent country ... and ... legal system evolved over centuries", and what have the Euro-foreigners every done for us!? ...



David, a free and independent country running its own affairs! Well fook me with yer shovel mick. We gave that up and lost our credibility and history as a Nation 1976.

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