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Monday, 31 August 2015


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Bloody hell, Duffers! The 'I' Corps? I might have known!

I know! I know! But I did five years in the infantry first, Oswald.

Only took me two years to become a Corporal in the Royal Artillery. Took Hitler four but he was infantry, too.
"A Corporal, a Captain, a Colonel, or a Corpse!"

Heh! The 'Nine Mile Snipers', well, they'll promote anyone who can point their guns in roughly the right direction! In the 'I' Corps you need to demonstrate the ability to do up your shoe laces!

David, the RASC run away sum buddies cummin was an insult.

Jimmy, are you sure you're not an 'Arkie' pretending to be a Jock? You're sounding more and more like 'JK' everyday!

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