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Monday, 17 August 2015


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Well, OK, up to a point I can see what she means.

But what she's missed is that the public sector has largely been reduced to a rump since the days of Scargill.

The only place that matters, where these people still hold sway, is the Health Service, and I think we could rely on the staff there not to go too numpty on us.

For the rest of the public sector, well, strikes in HMRC? In the bbc? In schools? At local councils? Not sure I am trembling in my boots really.

Point taken, Andrew, but it will not just be strikes but direct and probably violent action on the streets and in workplaces that will be their favoured technique. Anything and everything to raise the political and social temperature. It will take a steady, intelligent government capable of some subtlety to face them down - yeeeeeees, quite!

This is an interesting article. Sounds as if the Left there is on the same page with their comrades here. Only here they have a sympathizer in the White House. When the lefties take to the streets they will become their own worst enemies. Lefty factions do not get along well together. Exploit them. Lefties never look good on camera. Ever present social media lets the public see through the "good comrade" smoke screen.

It seems free people have to be threatened from time to time lest they become docile. We are feeling the same. Confront the threat. It will pass.

The foot soldiers of the revolution were, in the past, railwaymen, dockers, steel workers, and mostly miners (supported of course by car workers and such). These men were used to hard, dangerous physical work, used to looking out for one another's back, and had generations of carrying out collective action. They were therefore very useful troops. Today the trade union movement has to draw on teachers, government officers and health workers, more used to ticking H&S forms than facing any danger, with no history of collective action and unused to physical action- not to mention far fewer in number.
I have no doubt that the ideologues are as self centred and blinkered as ever- but their woolly useful idiots will fall away given a solid challenge, and they themselves are too concerned with idealogical purity to maintain unity for long- that requires an ability to compromise.
In short, Ms Daly is probably right in suggesting that they will try- but it will not require Maggie to beat them this time (thank God).

We are quite used to it here in Spain too. Whenever the Conservative party wins the lefturds take to the streets doing what they do best: smashing, burning etc. a new law aimed at dealing with this antisocial behavior has them screaming with rage.

Timbo, don't those lefties look good on film ;)?

Well, it's good to see you're all so sanguine however I would remind you that the world economy is approaching very dangerous waters. If the very worst happens then - at last! - we really will see austerity. So far, in the UK anyway, we have not had any and the Lefties hollering about it simply makes them look even more stupid. But if there is a financial cataclysm and the solid middle-classes are hit - then all bets are off!

What Pat said. The miners were hard brave men. The teachers and social workers who form the rump of union membership nowadys are not up to it. Ok train drivers... But by themselves they cam achive little except kill off their own jobs. Power workers, most of them will be white collar workers and I would see it as unlikely they could an effective guerilla.

Crbyn is dangerous because of his nonsensical but attractive to the stupid policies. The stupid inthis case includes the Grainiad and the BBC.

But when people realise, as they will, because ultimately the electorate usually does the right thing after axhausting all the alternatives, labour will be dead.

Cuffers, you and the others are making the same mistake our generals and admirals are making. These days you don't need muscle on the streets you just need to control the loyalties of all those government computer geeks who make our world work. If they switch off and walk out we're stuffed!

"all those government computer geeks who make our world work"

Hmm. Most of them are low-rate contractors working for Crapita or 4GS, and many of them are abroad - or if not, the job can be done just as well from abroad if necessary.

Sorry, still not panicking.

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