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Thursday, 24 September 2015


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It seems to those Muslim loons, Time has no meaning. A finely crafted clock is a mere decoration like a vase or lamp. That it tells the current Time is irrelevant.

Exactly so, 'Whiters', but alas this madness is not confined to Muslim loons. Who bombed Dresden?

Fine words Whitewall. You should send them to Washington immediately.

David, who bombed London, Glasgow, Paisley, CLYDEBANK and elsewhere at random.

Dresden had it coming.

Who deliberately avoided destroying Cologne cathedral and dozens of italian towns.

Damage to monuments by both ides was nearly always genuine collateral damage resulting from justifiable attacks on genuine miltary targets.

Every time I've visited Cologne and looked up I've thought "How the hell did they miss THAT?"

Koln Cathedral is very impressive. According to my German sister in law the front left side of the main entrance was bomb damaged and Hitler ordered that it should not be repaired.
However a German officer had it repaired and saved it from collapsing. If you look closely at the repair you will note the brickwork is different. Apparantly the German officer was shot.

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