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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


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The guy is a plonker, but many of them are. Some hide it better than others but poor old Jeremy doesn't seem to realise he has something worth hiding. It's good fun though.

Exactly. The man's a complete idiot.

At one of the blogs, someone mentioned an old BBC show called "1990". I think it is supposed to be something like 1984+6. Anyway, you can find the entire series on YouTube. I'm watching it now. Really great stuff. Something about Corbyn, or any liberal with socialist tendencies, makes me think of the nightmare in 1990.

David, he is doing what the Scottish Nat sis are doing just talking a lot of crap with no policies or substance. The Nat sis seem to have gotten away with it. I hope you English are not as dumb as our lot.

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