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Friday, 25 September 2015


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Bull's eye, Popsy!


Fortunately what I you or the pope believes has no influence or bearing on whatever the truth is.So let him rant away about global warming and the wealth will flow from the poor to the rich as is the want of the mega wealthy Vatican.

Global capitalism and liberalisation have done the Pope out of a job, really, haven't they?

There simply aren't enough poor people around to get worked up about any more.

It's a bit like policeman with no criminals to catch, paradoxically, if he does his job well he does himself out of a job.

Or more to the point, if someone else does his job too well, he turns on that actor.

Hence why the Pope hates global capitalism and liberalisation. And sees greenery and the global warming scam as a good way to do them down and return us to the status quo.

I'm reminded of that scene from the Life of Brian, with slight mods: "There I was, a Pope with a living, and this capitalism bloke came along and cured poverty. Alms for an ex-Pope?"

Honestly, there is nothing outside of that film worth knowing about politics and the individual's relationship to power.


The internet and the 24/7 coverage of what people do, think and rant on about has confirmed the fears of us who have for a long time had a low opinion of our fellow human beings and wonder how we have managed as a species to last as long as we have. We are being fed a never ending stream of inane nonsense, hypocrisy and ill informed opinion. What we believed is that most of us are dim witted and follow other dim wits like the Pope, Obama, Corbyn and so many others and idolise them with an almost ecstatic fervour instead of seeing them for the prats they really are. Our fellow humans are chronically irrational as they adhere to beliefs that have no rational, scientific or evidence based foundation to them.

This current Pope is, I think, a sop to the Left to make up for the ravages done to them by the greatness of the late Pope John Paul. It was his gravitas and moral clarity along with Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan that finally brought down the "Evil Empire". The Left has since been rudderless to the point of deeper mental illness. Pope Francis is a product of "liberation theology" strain of South American Catholicism. The prior Popes managed to keep the ranks of believers of this quasi socialism thin. South America, and Argentina in particular, is an economic cripple as a result of this belief system. At the dawn of the 20th century, Argentina was a roaring economy with a rising living standard. It didn't take long for the Catholic clergy and crony capitalists there to turn the continent into a shambles. Oh, "liberation theology" is the brand of "church" Barack "Mac Daddy" Obama attended for years under the America hater Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Birds of a feather and all that.

At least he spells it out: -

"Bring back poverty!". That's some slogan.


The man is a total tit!

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