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Friday, 18 September 2015


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Send her down to check the ice in the Antarctic. We had a bunch of wanker "scientists" who went to see the vanishing ice sheet and got stuck in it. Quite a long way from where the ice was supposed to terminate.

God has a sense of humour.

How can you get a bonus for 'working' in the Met office? It's not as if she actually made anything (or had anything made) apart from reports on what the weather was like today - after it had happened, so we already knew that - or what it was possibly going to be tomorrow. As far as her daughter's employment is concerned, I understand it's illegal to employ someone from outside an organisation without advertising it openly, though I seem to remember in the 60's, when a left wing group got round it by advertising for a job in London in a South Wales local newspaper, in Welsh, in an area where few spoke or read that language. Where taxpayers money is concerned, "as it is, as it always will be".

A bonus! For what??

Send her up in a weather balloon and don't bother to tie the string to the earth.

Well, she's already filled with enough hot air!

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