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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


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So, not all bad then?

David, so it really comes down to the were a dutiful husband this day?

All's well that ends well.

Not being C of E I have to settle for being a Protestant like my ancestors. After all C of E are really just a form of English Kafliks that drited from the truth. Och Aye Ra Noo😀

Well let me just provide you all with a tourist tip. If you are ever in this 'neck of the English woods', forget about visiting Salisbury Cathedral, just pop into Sherborne Abbey and feast your eyes on one of the finest tracery ceilings in the country!

I confess to being a quasi-Christian but I really like the music and architecture. One of the most disappointing churches is Bayeux cathedral. It's like an empty warehouse even though the "tapestry" next door is magnificent and well worth the visit. If you have some schoolboy Latin you can even make some sense of it without buying a guide book!

I like the music, too, Jannie, but when plain song was replaced with those yawn-inducing hymns, I gave up! As far as the architecture is concerned, I always look for the small details that can sometimes be found in the decorations, they make me wonder about the craftsman who executed them all those hundreds of years ago.

Well, Bayeux cathedral is pretty ugly, but we like how they switched styles in mid building, from Romanesque to Gothic. Such naive choices. Rather sweet, like watching children play. As for the tapestry, no Latin required to follow that particular shameless propaganda piece, nor to see the sly comments hidden in there by the women who actually wove the thing. That was fun. And, why does no one in Bayeux, which attracts ONLY English-speaking tourists, speak English? Yeah, our tourist French got us by, but really, how bloody mindedly French can they get?

Well, to be fair, Michael, the bloody great things used to take centuries to build during which fashions changed! That is why Salisbury is remarkable in having been completed in 38 years - obviously they didn't use Paddie builders in those days!

We have fond memories of Bayeaux. We stayed at the Lion d' Or Hotel which is as near to an old English coaching inn as you will find in France. It became the Allied HQ in Normandy once the landings has succeeded so lots of photos of 'Ike', 'Monty' et al! Also, we loved the main street with all those delightful little shops filled with items you wouldn't find in the UK so we did most of our Xmas shopping there because their skill in gift wrapping was superb.

I'd like to say that I remember an exceptionally convivial evening spent with a friend of mine in the lounge of the Lion d' Or when we sampled various examples of the local Calvados - but alas, I can't remember a thing and neither can he!

David I stayed in Bayeaux 2004 for the Normandy Landings Anniversary. I could only get into the Youth Hostel which had an Irish Tricolour outside our window. I was tempted to burn it but just leaned out and wrapped it up. After all those Irish lot did not fight the Nazis except those that sneaked over to the UK or crossed into NI. And Corbyn has an empathy for Paddy.

Oh, I dunno, Jimmy. I think you may be doing the old Paddies a bit of an injustice; a great many of them fought in the British Armed Forces in WW2.
Got no thinks for it once they returned home; I understand they lost some civil rights as a result. Not sure what, but I remember an Irish ex-soldier telling me about it in a pub in Yeovil; I was astonished.

Oswald above is worth a read.

Thanks, Jimmy!

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