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Sunday, 06 September 2015


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I believe this one because it goes against the status quo all the other wrong ones were by and large for the establishment. "Negotiations for repatriation of powers" easy, vote leave.

G'day Duffers,

SWMBO and I made Liverpuddle our first port of call [other than Manchester Airport] on the recent Grand Tour of the Septic Isle. Had the pleasure of standing about where that photo was taken.

The Liverpuddlians have done wonders with their waterfront and it is a veritable tragedy to see a prime example of the sort of vessel that spread civilization throughout the world in such a state of waterloggedness. As an aside the Ferry 'cross the Mersey has been painted in dazzle paint - psychedelic dazzle paint to be sure but still dazzle paint.

Disclaimer. Neither of us can stand The Beatles and went nowhere near the museum dedicated to their wailings.

Oddly enough, well, it's odd for me, I quote liked the Beatles, at least their songs were, by and large, cheerful.

I didn't know about this until SoD told me a few days ago but it is a great pity you missed the chance of visiting Portsmouth. He went down the other weekend and was absolutely bowled over with the Naval museum display. He hasn't stopped raving about it and he says that it is so huge you can't see everything in a day.

I was quite excited to see that article about Mann v Ball and Steyn until I noticed that it was dated Feb 2014.

It's true that that is like yesterday in terms of judical time in general and US judicial time in particular but so far nothing seems to have come of it.

I couldn't help but notice that Raleigh is the capitol of North Carolina. Raleigh the capitol is in much better circumstances today than the unfortunate ships.

Well spotted, Kevin, I only chanced upon it via I Hate The Media who published the report today so I assumed it was current.

I could never cope with the Beatles either, AussieD. Two guitars, one bass & a couple of drums does not a band make.
John Lennon himself said he wished he could remake every record cos they were rubbish and couldn't play!
Admittedly, a lot of their songs were quite good and have lasted the test of time.... certainly a million times than the rubbish that passes for music today..... one or two bars and 6 words repeated 100 times in two minutes. Absolute drivel.

" 6 words repeated 100 times in two minutes. Absolute drivel".
Bit like this blog, really! (I thought I would get that in first before anyone else tries it on!)

Just read the stuff about Dim Dave and the Kaiserin.

Interesting. Notice it was mostly before the last six months, and the Greek debacle. So her criticism of Dim Dave as being "hated by everyone and isolated" because of his stubbornness and intransigence would warrant a "welcome to my world, Mrs Chancellor" retort from Dim Dave these days.

And while we're on the subject of "welcome to my world", what better solution to being "hated by everyone and isolated" than teaming up with someone in the same boat. One is instantly no longer "hated by everyone and isolated". Especially, if, similar to the idea behind British naval policy in the early 20C, you and your partner have more power than the rest combined.

I tell you, Britain and Germany pulling Thatcherite strings in Europe, with stubbornness and intransigence, and Uncle Sam backing us up from across the pond, is about the best deal going. In fact it's actually a good deal on its own, even if you don't consider the appalling options.

And into the bargain: We get to knock the cheese-eaters off their European pedestal. It'd almost be worth it just for that!


Ok Dave has caved in to the media and is prepared to take a chance on our lives by allowing people who hate us into our country. Dim Dave forgets the refugees did not want democracy as it has never been on the Islamic agenda. Well let us await our fate. We can take comfort that our politicians have the best security surrounding them while we the plebs may be blown up in glory thanks to them. Seems the educated doctors that tried to slaughter people at Glasgow Airport is now in the dustbin of history.
At least us oldies can say on record we did try to warn you.

Whitewall. In the old days during the Irish troubles there was a joke about the Rev Ian Paisley. Ian was holding a bike above his head and was asked what are you doing, he replied, ' I am holding a Raleigh'.

SWMBO and I visited the Portsmouth Naval Museum back in '98. SoD is right in needing more than one day to do it properly. Victory, Warrior and Mary Rose took up one whole day and the rest of the accessible dockyard the next.

....and that is 1998 not 1898.

Jimmy, before ISIS existed, you might have had a point.

But now these nutters have their heaven on earth to go to, and a fight to the death with themselves, we don't have the problem you describe.

All the medical student nutters have gone to the self-service extermination camp in Syria/Iraq voluntarily: -

I don't wish to tempt fate, but I doubt you'll have much problem with any more "Mohamed Och Aye al Sw'eaty, MD" types detonating themselves at Glasgow airport.

You do have EasyJet flights from Glasgow to Turkey, mind, haven't you? Perhaps you could pick up some decent hardworking, ambitious, young, non-whinging, immigrants to take the pressure of the Sassenachs paying for y'all? ;-)

If you don't fancy that, get the flight to stopover in London on the way back and let them off there,


Would you buy a second-hand car from either of these Menn?

Jimmy, that Raleigh bike was highly sought after here as well...overhead or upright.

What exactly is a Rumbe anyway?
Some sort of exotic dance?

It took me a few minutes to work that one out, Andra. Oh dear, the difficulties of trying to proof read your own stuff!

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