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Sunday, 13 September 2015


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"But the 'Jerries' are never as clever as they think they are and the incoming age of robotics could leave their increasingly unemployed population with not much to do, and we all know that the Devil finds work for idle hands - particularly, idle Muslim hands!"

You can't bring yourself to admit the Kaiserin has played a blinder! She just solved her ageing population problem and "Nasty Party" image in one fell swoop!

And "Dim Dave" has done well too. By keeping a reserve, the foreign aid budget, for which he paid a small price in conservative mumbles and grumbles, he was able to flash this reserve at the EU and global powers badgering him to take more immigrants. How many 100's of thousands did we not have to take, on account "Dim Dave"'s foreign aid budget? The rebel Tories and Ukip knives somewhat blunted, me thinks?

And yet of course the eastern Europeans keep coming, so like the Kaiserin, we get our cheap labour too.

"Dim Dave", the "Kaiserine", and "Uncle Sam" are lining up our ducks for us.

And now we read there's to be a Kaiserine's army to our East, Uncle Sam's army to the West, so Blighty will have two tough buffers between us and Putin and the Hairies.

Excalibur is being raised by the Lady of the Lake in front of our grateful eyes.


"Excalibur, pummel in California, the broadest blade girth over Arkie, then Washington and NY, tapering slightly over London, and finished with a Rhein metal point over Berlin.

With one thrust Putin is skewered between those Meerkat eyes of his.

The flat of the blade with a Southward smack to keep the Latinos in check.

And finally, a full slash Eastward to "strike their necks"."

And this morning I'm not on the JD.


An EU army for defense. Defense of the EU, or eventually, the defense of the Parliament in Brussels and their dictates over the masses of dissatisfied peasants?

"Lobotomites" on the march. Young and clueless for care and feeding of the Left. Somewhere in that crowd there is bound to be the sound of John Lennon's "Imagine".

Continental EU army, not EU army, remember Whiters.

The Kaiserin is happy for us to opt out as part of the UK's reform deal.

And I don't care if the "flat of the blade" is being used to smack down a few Euro-continental peasant Lefties. Do you?


Sorry SoD, that "Continent" thing always makes me think of Germany and France squabbling over everything. With the Anglo world saying "not again". Lefties of any station being smacked down anywhere is always fine with me.

"Indeed, a cynical realpolitik type would probably conclude that we should stand aside and let an already struggling Putin throw his scarce resources into a battle where stalemate is the best that can be achieved." I did already over on Diplomad's site.

I'm shocked, 'Whiters', shocked that you could indulge in cynicism!

Whitewall. Sunni muslims are as they have demonstrated a most violent sect that destest diversity in religion. They must dominate. And here we are in Britain going to give them the right to enter. The fact that Assad whether you like him or not guaranteed except for Jews (as they have all left Syria) religious freedom has cleary evaded the narrow minds of our politicians and the stupid lefties that want to allow thousands into our country. Kind of like a death wish, please come in and kill me scenario.

Jimmy, does it not remind you of those television thrillers in which the beautiful but clueless heroine opens the door to the psychopathic killer, while everyone in our living room is shouting at her to stop?

Michael, I would welcome a clueless heroine turning up at my door when the wife is at work.

Don't be fooled by German propaganda aimed at convincing us that really, underneath the long leather greatcoats and the jackboots, there beats a Teutonic heart of gold that gladly welcomes refugees.

Well, news this morning is they're closing the border with Austria to stop any more coming. We'll file that over there with the decision to close the nuclear power stations under "Didn't think this one through".

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