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Saturday, 26 September 2015


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Duffers you have two chances of seeing a change of venue. To use an expression dear to us in the Antipodes - "Buckley's and f--k all".

The actual saying is "Buckley's and Nunn [none]" but was of course altered for a bit more colour.

There was a store in Melbourne called Buckley & Nunn, which helped that make more sense.
Regarding the odious Mr Blatter, he's had plenty of time to get rid of the evidence so I'm not sure quite what they'll find, if anything.
Back in Oz there is a Royal Commission into trade unions and comrades have been destroying papers at the rate of 7 tonnes in one example. Still, it doesn't look good for Mr Shorten and his Labo(u)r party right now.
Many of us honest citizens are laughing out loud or at least chortling softly.

The hopeful indicators, Andra, are the two or three executives who have already had their collars felt by the Feds and who will do anything to cut a deal. When you're a rat-fink like Blatter you must expect to be ratted out!

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