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Thursday, 08 October 2015


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"Thus, 'Dim Dave' stands supreme on the battlefield. It's not so much that the day is his, it's the fact that the next ten years minimum are his."

Well, they could have been, except for the fact that the silly man announced that he will not go for a third term. No great loss in itself, as he is clearly a man without any ideological principles of his own, but everyone is now focused on Osborne, May, and Johnson. As you say, the interest is now on who will lead the right centre, and who will lead the traditional right.

David. Try the Parliament Channel. I am sure I watched Dave's speech on it. Not a bad speech.

His announcement concerning his early retirement, 'W', is precisely why I always refer to him as 'Dim Dave'. No leader announces his retirement plans that early!

Jimmy, if *you* approved of the speech then I'm seriously worried!

David, I would not lie about my opinion even if I agree with a Tory. I leave the lies and deceipt to the Corbinites. Cameron summed up Corbyn pretty well.

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