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Wednesday, 21 October 2015


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Yes, Mark Carney, the Bank of England Governor, has fired off his salvo about the EU making the UK economy "more dynamic". So the more evidence we have of Brussels-imposed austerity, penury, autocracy, and incompetence, the better.

And as I would remind Gov. Carney in a reversal of that well-known American political comment, 'it *ain't* about the economy, stoopid!'

Duffers - in view of your track record, and I'm thinking about your devastating effect on certain candidates for the US presidency, might it not be wiser to campaign for the yes campaign on the EU? (just like your own dear son)

Just sayin'.

But, Portugal, absolutely. And at some point there will be an election in France in which Mrs Le Pen is likely to do rather well, against a background of continuing economic malaise in that fair country; and the frogs, lacking the stoicism of the krauts and we ros-bifs will not continue to take this lying down.

After all, as any Frenchman kno', the whole point of the EU is that the longsuffering workers on the Ruhr finance an easy bucolic lifestyle in La Bella France; once the wheels fall off that arrangement then all bets are off.

There is absolutely no need for the EU apart from political union which is not a divine need in fact the opposite is true everything else it wishes to achieve could be done in better ways. Also without the cost of another layer of government.

The EU and the euro are constructs that are reprehensibly harmful and will result in long term damage and will continue to create crises after crises. Certainly a need for a large trading block and interstate cooperation was a necessity but everything else was and is not.

When politicians have pipe dreams such as the EU why the hell do we listen to them let alone act on them but then we are humans and we do far more daft things than we do sensible things.

Cuffers, you touch me to the quick, sir! It is indeed my propensity for bestowing the kiss of death on various American presidential hopefuls that holds me back from joining 'VOTE LEAVE'!

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