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Thursday, 22 October 2015


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David, the MOD are hell bent on removing army tradition. It is probably some rubber desk johnie idiots that have never served .
I was hoping the photo in the Telegraph was the waster Scottish Nat si MP's being dropped back in Scotland.

Duffers that is good news.

Tradition/custom [call it what you will] is among those indefinable things which turn a loose group into a solid fighting force.

I'll raise a glass to "The Paras" on 15 November.

Utrinque paratus.

I don't remember us having Pegasus Bellerophon on our combat jackets in 1989-92?

Trust the top brass to puff and blow a load of hot air and tax payers wedge on the politics of a badge. Never mind the shit boots, rifles, ...


Wonderful news.

I was beige rather than maroon, but I still have my Pegasus t-shirt. I will wear it today!

In the cold light of morning it all sounds a bit silly getting excited over a badge but that's what soldiers, and especially old ex-soldiers, do!

David, it's not silly at all - see the second comment above.

I shall now look forward to the re-establishment of the Essex regiment.

(There is (or used to be) a rather interesting little museum in Chelmsford, about this fine body of men and their various battle honours.)

Ah yes, the "Pompadours" - where did that name come from? No time just now to read the whole Wiki entry for the Essex Regiment but I was taken with their exploits in Ireland 1919/21 when many of them volunteered for the Police Force and gave the IRA a right good kicking! Pity they weren't around a few years ago!

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