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Friday, 09 October 2015


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Your last paragraph is the "home run". Europe-continent- may get giggly about a central authority, but Great Britain? A thousand years at risk for the likes of that mob?

If your enthusiasm was to wain you'd have the ideal large horse-drawn farming conveyance on which to carry all those leaflets about which you've become so unenthusiastic.

No extra charge for the pedantry . . .

David, I have been over at Carpenters blog yesterday and today. Nice blog, interesting people and a fine format.

Yes, at least they put up with me - just! 'PM', himself, has raised grumpiness to Olympic levels and is more than a tad repetitive in the vituperation he pours over Republicans. By and large the other commenters do not do the literary equivalent of actually spitting at me (as the 'Corbynistas' do literally 'over here') but they give as good as they get.

David, you are certainly no slacker at Olympic level grumpiness, and I do not believe it possible to count the times you've called Hillary Clinton 'HillBilly' or worse. That is some delicious irony.

I also find it ironic that you feel your country has attained "a system of law that ... supports the liberty of the individual against the ravages of an over-weaning government." I, a Yankee liberal, agree. However, many American conservatives consider your socialized medicine, general lack of religious participation and reluctance to walk around putting bullets in each other as something next to Soviet Communism.

Bob , that was witty but some (a lot) of Americans thought Winston Churchill was Prime Minister during the Tony Blair years. Tony Blair was not a cigar smoker. It is time for Hilary to retire and just let Trump win. The USA need a hard man!


Why give up being a world class political curmudgeon to be a learning activist?

Whitewall. Just off topic. I know you probably like a bit of history.
I visited my place of birth in the East End of Glasgow which was originally a seperate village called Brigton. The old Brigton Abercrombie Cemetery founded 1786 is where the mortal remains of Abraham Lincoln,s minister the Rev. James Smith DD are buried. If you wish I will send you the tombstone details. I am sure our Bob will be interested!

Why not ask Putin for advice?>
He seems to have the knack. And they owe us for all that stuff we sent them (WW2 ).

Jimmy, yes by all means! Thanks.

"a world class political curmudgeon".

Dammit, Hank, I always knew you were a man of shrewd discernment!

Rev. James Smith D.D. Son of Peter and Margaret Smith. Was born at Glasgow May 11 A.D. 1798.
Minister of the Gospel for forty years In the United States of America.
In his declining years he was appointed U.S. Consul at Dundee By Abraham Lincoln Whose Pastor he had been And where he departed this life July 2rd a.d. 1871 A Sinner Saved By Grace.

Thanks Jimmy.

Was a bit disappointed by your reason there. Our politicians have done more to make this a Soviet state than anything the EU has done.

Even in the areas where they do interfere our lot gold plate them to make them even worse for us and I don't see those laws being repealed even if we exit the EU.

They have us under their thumbs and they ain't going to let up any time soon, leave or stay.

Hear, hear Lord T.

In fact, the British constitution, unfettered by the rules and regs of the EU, is more likely to let rip with socialism and government control, let alone merely maintain the status quo of Brussels statute already on the books.

I even wonder if we should not just stay in the EU, but even join the Euro? The austerity commitments of the single currency would keep the socialists and big staters in permanent eclipse.

Plus, like the Jerries, we might leverage an undervalued Euro, and get back into fiscal surplus and start paying down some debt.


@ jimmy glesga

You're something of a wit yourself and not entirely wrong.

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