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Monday, 26 October 2015


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" ... and I wouldn't mind having dinner with him, er, especially if he sent over his private jet to whisk me off to California!"

Well David, might I suggest if you're wanting Lewis' jet landing as Somerset to "whisk you off to California" send the fellow a note advising him you are after all, a bit of the Expert where F1 is concerned!

(That is, if he'd care to go for a Quad!)

Aha! I noticed you rooting about in the archives, JK, so I assume you are somewhat recovered - excellent! And yes, you are right, I did once drive the F1 BRM racing car, er, well, to be exact, I didn't actually drive it, but I did drive it on the back of a trailer round various bits of Europe as part of Yardley's promotional campaign when they became the first non-motoring industry sponsor of an F1 team. Ooops, must go, the phone's ringing, it's probably Lewis asking me over . . .

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