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Sunday, 11 October 2015


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If the EU doesn't offer Dave what he needs, or if the offer is suspicious (which of course it will be), there is a simple solution.

Dave announces that to hold the EU to its promises, there will be another referendum 5 years after this one, if, in this one, we vote to stay in.

That gives the British people the chance to validate the EU's promises are fulfilled, or leave.

In the event we vote out now, that's it, game over with the EU. No validation in 5 years.

So that would almost guarantee we stay in, because so many are wavering and would welcome a second chance.


In fact, from a purely selfish political point of view, given that Dave has said he won't be standing at the next election, he'd be better of going for a quickie EU referendum in early 2016, then a validation referendum in the last month of his government before the next election.

That way, if we vote to stay in in 2016, he gets to visibly keep the pressure on Merkel, Juncker, et al to deliver their promises. And if they do, we vote to stay in in the second referendum, and he goes on become the next EU president!

If the EU fails to deliver, and we vote to leave in the second referendum, he hands the stinking pile of mess over to someone else, as Blair did to Brown!

The "heir to Blair", indeed.


Two referenda inside five years? Nah, don't think so.

Anyway, Dave will get nothing from Merkel apart from a toothy smile. Did the Holy Roman Church ever deviate to accommodate English exceptionalism? Nope! Thus it will be with the EU, it is the new religion of Europe.

I don't have a dog in this EU fight, but I came across something credited to Mrs. Thatcher. You know the Internet. Maybe it was someone else, but here it is: "We had to learn the hard way that by agreement to what were apparently empty generalizations or vague aspirations we were later held to have committed ourselves to political structures which were contrary to our interests.”

The Holy Roman there, lurking in the ranks of the Conservative Party, someone named "Henry"? I am reading that this current Muslim invasion has got the German people on a low boil. Maybe Frau Merkel doesn't survive?

Dom, that sounds like Maggie. Surprisingly it took her some time for her to work out what a racket the EU was in reality.

'Whiters', it's difficult to see who in the higher ranks of the Tory party is willing or able to 'do a Henry'! Theresa May dropped a big hint last week with her speech attacking European-encouraged mass immigration. She desperately wants the top job and if Dave's so-called 'negotiations' look hopeless, helpless and hapless, she will be the first to head the column waving the Union Jack. But she will have to be quick because Boris Johnson, in his elliptical, upper-class accent is also making similar noises and he, too, definitely wants the top job.

Watch this space!

Will do! I don't know Boris, but I enjoy that type of mesmerizing accent. It's an American thing.

Boris plays up to his public persona by acting the part of an eccentric buffoon. Do not be fooled, her is intelligent and well educated. It's just hat sometimes it's difficult to find the real Boris beneath the buffoonery!

David, those who voted for Boris the Bold and did so in large numbers that got him elected were clearly impressed by him.
The man is not a fool and his sense of humour should not be mistaken for him being a fool.

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