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Friday, 30 October 2015


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Plenty just like that at the old folks home down the road. Keeps them relaxed and cheaper than pills.

MS 10 is a couple of prompts to start, then go away for a couple of hours or so, then some final prompts. Then a nap.

Followed by a long holiday if my experience of up-dating is anything to go by!

I think, m'Lud, that is why the 'Memsahib' allows me to hang several of them on our walls!

In the third Klee painting, start at the upper left corner, count down three squares, then count right 5 squares. That's my favorite square!

Dom, it is rather stylish now that you mention it.

"Chateaux Duff" - you have more than one?

Anyway, sorry but I really don't care for Klee. Please can we have a proper post denigrating the frogs or the krauts or the tories or something.

Even some more from the Swan of Avon (and I don't mean the pub)

And also, Dom, it is deeply meaningful!

Cuffers, that do be Zummerzet French!


Don't worry about Windows 10 David. It's a bit like Windows 7 and very easy to learn.

Your local paint seller will give you similar colour charts.

Beautiful stuff, David, but then I'm currently on a rather heavy dose of lysergic acid diethylamide.

Not boring you, am I?

Yes. I've seen more exciting colour charts at the paint shop.


Bob, that would explain your politics!

Or yours, David. "Inner reality"? Are you Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Whitewall, think I found it!

Jimmy, that's it. A true story. The final crash on Kingston Pike just below Knoxville, Tennessee is where I mentioned. The origin of the moonshiner was Harlan, Kentucky...where the setting for the series "Justified" is found. Moonshining goes on even today way back in the mountains.

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