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Tuesday, 20 October 2015


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Geogy porgy's kow towing is a rather sckening spectacle.

As AEP implies there is no doubt that the returns from this humiliating spectacle will be slight. However regarding the AIB they wer right to risk upsetting the idiots currently in Washington.

Is any country has a consistently more foolish, naive short sighted and lethally damaging foreign policy record than the UK (or indeed the EU - it's a crowded field) that country is the USA.

My god. How low have we sunk!

To be fair, 'Cuffers', by and large I'm in favour of sucking up to big, rich countries; or to put it more accurately, I don't think it is worth making enemies of them until such time as give us no option.

Agreed. But not making enemies is one thing. Humiliating self abasement quite another. And for what?

At last the UK is waking up to the fact that foreign policy is not about moral indignation but about self interest. Policies of encouraging regime change and distancing ourselves from unpleasant regimes; the Iraq war, the Arab spring, Libya, Assad the list goes on. How has all that worked out not well has it.

If we had pursued policies of non interference and cooperation we not Russia and China would be gaining influence in the world and the world would be considerably more stable. Only when there is a real and obvious threat to our security should we pick sides and/or fights.

Washington's "foreign policy" is now run by escapees from the Ivy League faculty lounge. They always believed that if we just withdrew from the world, then all would be well and the world peaceful. Now the world is on fire and the Washington "wizards of smart" want to tackle the ultimate threat--Climate Change. The wages of a fool- Obama.

There is no "cooperating" with a mad man who burns with resentment over his country collapsing under the weight of its own immorality and unworkability. There is only acquiescing and accommodating. We will have better luck with China.

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