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Thursday, 29 October 2015


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Arkansas is a neat place. It is many states combined into one. The Ozark hill country is much to my liking as it has many qualities similar to my eastern side of the Appalachian mountains. I have met a lot of story book people there over the years--some down right cosmopolitan high brows and then some old time back slappers that make up the best literature for us outsiders to read. One town, Searcy Arkansas, stands out for me. I was there on "business" in the late 70s. Right quick I learned just who ran what and who could make a phone call and problems just evaporated. Sometimes difficult people were known to leave town. It was not the mayor performing these things. David or anyone, if you get a chance to visit the state-do so.

BTW, the motto for Arkansas is true especially about the "wimmin". The motto for West Virginia is "where the men are men and the sheep are nervous". I would hate for a visitor to mix them up.

Well, I see in the OxAm we get a mention.

Whitewall?I "get it" that Searcy "stood out" for you but I have to ask, exactly which way did you take to get there? Did you come up from the south, from Little Rock way or down from the north - via Beebe Arkansas?

If'n you came from the northern route via Beebe I can only wonder why Searcy featured more prominently over Beebe? Towns're a mere nine miles apart ...


You did David, take the time to watch the TV show trailer featuring "the Lathams of Osceola" I sincerely hope? During the day the family runs the largest funeral home/embalming service (they even got the State of Arkansas' Medical Examiners contract - via the Arkansas State Police).

But by night the Lathams put on the goldarnest rasslin' show this side of Memphis! "The family that wrassles together stays together" is on their coat of arms (in French I think).

(Rasslin'/Wrassling is the clue to the Frog etymology - them French is allus adding extra alphabits.)

JK, I drove over from Memphis.

If by French you mean Cajun-French...they can sure put a spin on good ole English. Takes getting used to.

Well yeah Whitewall, or more properly, Coon-Ass French (don't y'all be muttring about me being denigratin' that's what they call theyselves)

An' bar in mind "Osceola" is a Seminole word.

Figgered I might better come back an' esplain somethin' for yer benefit David, that "Sorry, JK, but your image of 'Arkieland' as a place where "men are men and the wimmin are double-breasted" is taking a bit of a knock."

Is a kint ofa misleader ter anyun unakennen the way God Hisself laid out Arkansas.

Off to the right note the pitcher labelled "Natural Divisions Map" and click that. Note the greeniest area towart the north then as it gets lighter further south - where it goes to bein' *puke green* is whereabouts the adjective in your following sentence, "The whole place seems more effete than Highgate!" has mor'en perhaps sums applicability.

There is no doubt, Whiters, that were I to visit the USA again, Arkansas would be my first stop. Courtesy mainly of JK I have seen various photos of the landscape and it is simply superb. Of course, I might have to stay a while in order to learn the language first!

JK, I will try your various links later on. I must say that the notion of 'wrestling undertakers' adds a new dimension to my life - and perhaps, one of these days, to your death should you choose to use them!

Eh Whitewall?

Since I know you've been known to run around these here hills just a word of advice ... When in Batesville .. Be Nice.

By any chance, JK, would Batesville be the location of Bate's Motel? Jest askin'!

Batesville is where a lot of caskets and burial vaults are made I think.

Hmm, Batesville Indiana. I think I mixed them up.

Not to worry Whitewall. (An' I saw that over here.)

As you probly know ... anytime a sentence carries a "I think ..." Proper Hillbilly acknowledges an implicit ... well it's like a 50% weather forecast from the Gubmint for rain.

Or ... winning Powerball.

Well ... the link does mention

"Watching the local newscast is well worth it, if only for the unique cultural experience ..."

Just so y'all know we do Science too !!!

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