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Sunday, 25 October 2015


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Well David, I know there are meds for your ailment and from what I've learned, these meds are quite effective. If they allow you a dip in the pool for at least some cardio work, then it will be worth it. Little by little.

The Tippling Philosopher, isn't that the charming place you mentioned nearly a year ago with photos? Seems I recall it and commented that it is the sort of place we like as opposed to shiny, modern and sleek.

It was even, er, better years ago. This from a local historian:

"Now, whether it was the desire of the inhabitants to show their determination to support the laws and carry out the laws of the country, and suppress evildoers, or whether it was a mere chance, that the execution of Tom Price, a criminal, had been fixed for the same day! Local history does not tell us, but at half past one in the afternoon that wicked and no doubt miserable Tom was drawn in a cart through most of the streets of the town, and at three in the afternoon was hanged, outside the public house called the 'Tipler' [spelt with one 'p' - the pub changed its name in the first part of the 1800s to The King's Head]. Whilst hanging there, he was repeatedly shot at, and remained hanging whilst a large party of loyal inhabitants of Milborne Port were celebrating the occasion of the meeting by a public dinner in the Tipler, from the window of which poor Tom was in full view. After having done themselves well, and dinner was over, Tom was drawn in a cart to the top of East Hill and there burnt!

Hmm, those local folk were a rowdy bunch back then. The American "old west" of the 19th century had nothing on them it seems. Maybe different fashions. There were many English, Irish and Scots present in our Old West.

Whitewall. The good old days in Glasgow was when the mice and rats had access to food. The mice are now elected.

Jimmy...elected and turned into rats?

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