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Thursday, 01 October 2015


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A great-grandfather of 93?


Oh, wait, perhaps you meant his age...

Still fairly impressive!

Presumably he was issued with a ladder so that he could search the breast pocket.

Maybe the tall fellow was a corner of the Atlantic Wall?

Perhaps a nearby officer ordered the German to kneel?

On a different note, I was reading somewhere that one of Cameron's (distant) ancestors was a man named Sir James Duff. Are you and Camron cousins perhaps?

What if Lofty had a dagger or pistol under his hat?
Shorty Roberts would never have found it.

Now look here, Duffin, I do the jokes round here!

Hello, BOE, you've been MIA for a while, I was beginning to worry.

Dom, Sir James Duff is never spoken of in this house!

Very true, Andra, but the fact is he looks so amiable I doubt he would have had the temperament to use it.

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