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Monday, 05 October 2015


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"So when Manchester and Liverpool go broke, Georgie, who will pick up the unpaid bills?"

We could let a nice big northern city go broke pour encourager les autres. Show everyone what happens when free money is given to unproductive activities. I think they have already tried this with NHS Wales, but insufficient people were watching. It is also why Scottish independence would have been "interesting".

The downside would be a massive growth of London as all those who want to work try to grab a piece of the action. Expect the value of your property to drop when the shanty-towns pop up in Henstridge.

No chance, 'W', we'll build a bloody big wall!

Well duffers, if, after 70 sodding years of sicialised education, people in Manchester are still incapable of choosing what to have for breakfast without guidance from the bb-bloody-c, its not much of an advert for top down managerialism is it?

Face it, the splendours of this country created themselves without london; rather despite the government.

Not one of your better posts I fear

However, the point needs to be made to the good burghers of Manchester that when the money runs out children will be sold into penury to pay the debts...and it is entiely possible that a politician seeking reelection may not have made that point with sufficient clarity.

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