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Sunday, 18 October 2015


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I have been told that "shrieking" is what some women do naturally because--they claim--their husbands can't seem to hear them. Personally, I have perfect husband hearing and am never exposed to such noise. Why just this morning Mrs. WW was going on about something...not sure what, but it struck a major nerve with me. That would be the nerve that triggers my "time to go fishing" response. So bass fishing is on and I am soon out the door if I can find some warm clothes for a day on the water.

I hope my door key works when I come home tonight.

To cheer you up, a scene from this millennium's Shakespeare: -


I notice that one of the signatories of the letter suggesting we take in lots of Arabs and things, is the Bishop of Truro. He has a big house in Truro that used to be for spiritual retreats, set in large gardens. It is now used for conferences and so on. You could probably get a few hundred Arabs in there. Just down the road is the local TA place. I expect they have some tents and lots of razor wire, enabling the Bishop to take even more migrants. The food banks in Truro, which the Bishop likes, could be re-directed to feed the migrants. Combine all this with a special tax on the clergy - what's not to like?

The reference to the New York Mets' victory had to do with a playoff game in our baseball World Series. They beat my hometown Chicago Cubs who were the favorites. The Cubs have not won the world title in 107 years, so it was really no surprise.

Thanks for the link to the Russian video. I have no idea what context to put it in, but it made me smile.

Do let us know, 'Whiters', what you catch and whether or not it was big enough and tasty enough to keep Mrs. WW happy.

Not quite, Lawrence, but I will try the DVD set one of these days.

Well, frankly, BOE, given that you have zillions of acres of open spaces down there in Cornwall then the least you could do is take a half a million Syrians!

Bob, that is the context, it makes you smile, who needs anything more?!

I'm sure you thanked me for sending you that delightful Russian flash dance clip and I'm happy that you're still enjoying it.

I'm sure I must have done, Andra, because it really is one of my favourites especially if I'm in a grumpy mood.

"I'm sure you thanked me for sending you that delightful Russian flash dance clip and I'm happy that you're still enjoying it."

You're questioning Andra, whether David offers sufficient "Thankee Kindlys" enough due?

Andra Our Dear, we are ALL round here at D&N ever admiring your regards ...

David, I think the mitre constricts the brain in the heads of those C of E Bishops. So they want to import people into our country who for centuries have preached hatred against the infidel. England has gone crazy. Cameron should stand his ground.

David, thanks for asking. I caught 5 decent size bass fish but always throw them back. I like to fish for the fun of it and just observe nature. I got home about dark and my key fit the lock! As a bonus, Mrs. WW had something bubbling away in the cauldron too. A good day.

Well, that's alright then.

Author’s Note: This piece was written just moments after the Mets clinched an NLDS victory — a victory greater, more astounding, and more remarkable than any since Agincourt.

Perhaps my American readers will understand the reference!

Maybe greater, but the quality of English used was no match for Agincourt.

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