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Sunday, 04 October 2015


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"Slowly, it will dawn on the, er, normal members of the Labour party, particularly the MPs, that their only option is to split away and form a new party, either on their own or in cahoots with the Lib-Dems or even the Left-wing of the Tory party."

I agree, but the problem (apart from the name for the new party - Christian Democrats, perhaps?) is one that you have already alluded to. By then, the Tories might have moved so far to the left that there is no room remaining for this to happen. They will certainly have to pretend to move to the left, in order to head off this creation of a potentially appealing new opposition. And in addition, Cameron is in no sense socially conservative. He's OK with gay marriage, soft on drugs (well, he'd have to be, wouldn't he?) and doesn't seem to give a toss about law and order or educational standards. He's happy with the centre ground on most issues, especially if it keeps him in a job.

We could find ourself saddled with one-party government for a long time, and all our penetrating insights and keen intelligence will be focused upon the question of who is wielding influence and making leadership bids within the Tories. All else will be a sideshow. At the moment, the main determining factor is not Corbyn's ideology, but the fact that Cameron doesn't strongly believe in anything.

David, congrats on your anniversary. Fifty one years. The Memsahib is truly patient. She must be near saintly.

Syria. May the Russian flies pay in blood to conquer the fly paper.

Yes, 'W', that's a fair summary but, to quote that hoary old adage, nature abhors a vacuum, particularly when there is a surfeit of ambitious politicians waiting to take their turn in filling it. Actually, it's very difficult to see quite what will happen in the future - uncharted territories, and all that sort of thing!

Thank you, 'Whiters', an old friend once told me the reason for my long marriage is that my wife is deaf, dumb, blind and has no sense of smell!

Dear sergeant Duffers. What has been puzzling me from the start has been why cameron and barry o'bama have been so keen to see the back of Assad.

I have no doubt that you worked it out ages ago but being a bit thick and usually under the influence, it has taken me rather longer .. The answer if course is that the western powers have been licking saudi arse ( rather an unpleasant image In must say) hence kuwait, iraq 2 and the rest.

This is merely an extension of that. Assad ran an essentially secular regime and would never have tolerated any sort of sunni extremism and was therefore a major obstacle to their quest for a bronze age hegemony in the middle east.

They wanted rid of him. They impinged on their western clients to assist. Both O'bama and Camoron are eseentially foreign policy lightweights and the CIA is proven to be utterly incapable of providing good advice and I doubt MI6 would deviate from the Langley line on anthing important.

Result a total clusterfuck in which the syrian people are paying a grievous price, so are we via this ridiculous refugee crisis and Merkels astonishly stupid policy.

As a unit the western powers emerge with no credit whatever having been gamed by the saudis and arse raped by Putin.

This is an epochal disaster.

Still, I'm sure you realised that.

"sergeant Duffers"!!! Ooooh, you flatterer, you!

As for your analysis, alas, as I stated above, when it comes to the Middle East, I haven't a clue. I am still trying to work out the solution to the Schleswig-Holstein problem!

Oh and by the way the fact that the saydis run one of the most disgusting regimes on the planet is just ignored ...

But they di buy billions of arms.

So not all bad, then!

Plus, the natural gas pipeline issue.

Cuffers, if Barry Obama is pro-Saudi, pro-Sunni, how come he's just signed up to the nuclear deal with Iran?

How come he allowed informal cooperation between coalition forces and Iranian backed militia in Iraq fighting IS?

Seems like he's backing two horses, but this isn't a race. It's a joust, and he wants both sides to give it all they've got.


Whitewall. I get your point about the fly paper. I remember it being stuck and hanging from the light shade.

Jimmy, bet there ain't no Russians stuck to it?

I see that the Russians intercepted Israeli aircraft in Syrian airspace and chased them off. How long before the Russians declare a no-fly zone, except for them of course.

A big happy anniversary :)

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