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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


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It's wonderful, isn't it? A marvellous spectacle which would make excellent theatre. Essentially, we have three characters who appear tough and principled, but rapidly unravel when their daft ideas meet hard reality. One can almost feel sorry for Corbyn, and even McDonnell - they are so clearly out of their depth. Watson, however, is different. He is media-savvy and apparently understands how public opinion works, if only in generating witch-hunts. He is altogether nastier, and I hope he gets what he deserves over Brittan.

David, I guess this means John won't be on your Christmas card list?

Whyaxye. I would not feel sorry for Corbyn but only for the famiies of British soldiers and civilians murdered in Northern Ireland while that piece of shit was an apologist.


Larry, Curly, and Moe Fine were very intelligent and sensible actors who were performing a comedy script they knew was full of nonsense.

Do these others have an excuse?

Well said Jimmy.

"the festering pile of ordure that is Tom Watson."
(I wish I'd said that.)

Believe me, Hank, no-one is quicker to admire the work of real comedy players. Forget Hamlet, playing funny is the hardest!

I feel sure, Oswald, that you would have got round to it sooner rather than later.

I had no idea who Tom Watson was politically, but I remember he was one of the first blogging MPs back in the hey-day of the Brit Blogs around 2003-2005. He used to leave sensible comments at Oliver Kamm's place, and seemed to be well regarded by the Conservative/Libertarian bloggers of the day.

Was he always an arse, or did something change?

Oliver Kamm's blog! Ah, that brings back memories but I can't say I remember Watson appearing there. He first came to my notice during the MPs' expenses scandal when we learned that he had claimed the maximum of £4,800 for food in one year. Then he was a leading agitator in the phone hacking hoo-ha and today he has been exposed as a false accuser of innocent people in the so-called paedophile ring in Westminster. The man is an utter slug!

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