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Saturday, 24 October 2015


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Uh Huh...bit by bit. Years ago the late singer Johnny Paycheck did a song that reverberates in American pop culture today-"Take This Job and Shove It". The title is useful as "job" can be substituted with whatever is needed...."sign" for instance. I don't know how that would play in proper Queen's English, but somebody soon needs to get busy as it seems they will be coming from behind against this Berlin-Brussels thingy.

Hehehe, I can just imagine the expression on your face as you wrote that!

Per my comment of a while ago, lets assume Blighty does indeed vacate the EU. My option (=3) "Billy No Mates": -

And let's assume by some miracle we cease to seal our own fate by letting Corbyn, the Northerners, public sector, and sweaties, chavs, et al reduce us to begging the Jerries, ECB, IMF, etc. to let us back in.

Now, who was it who said about some state's predicament "Surrounded by powerful friends I'd be worried, but surrounded by powerful enemies I'd be terrified", or something similar? Was it Winnie? I've searched and can't find it (JK, if you're out there? ...).

So in the great Western family Blighty would be sandwiched in between America to our West and the greater Jerry Republic to our East. Rather nice while we're all friends. A whole lot of defended space between us and the Hairies and Rooskies from either direction.

But there's one thing. What if we weren't friends any more? What if the Kaiserin got a bit too friendly with the Rooskies, or Chinese, or both, and uncle Sam didn't like it?

I'm not saying we'd be back in the same position we were the last time the USA and the greater Germany fell out, when we were the fault line between tectonic plates (or was that Teutonic plates?), where all the volcanoes and earthquakes are, rather like Ukraine is between the EU / NATO and the Rooskies. (Although it might get that bad). But itwould certainly be politically, diplomatically, and economically like being in the fault line, the crack between the paving slabs, dodging the lava flows.

So both "friends" in this squabble would demand "you're either with us or against us". The Brits would divide in two in the debate, like the Ukrainians, and a good old tug-of-not-quite-war-but-it-might-be will occur - and we're the rope and hanky! The two factions in Blighty would be the proxy through which the two blocs fight.

So while we might well leave the EU, the Jerries consolidate their new empire, and the US and EU stay friends for the remainder of our time on this earth, and you can mock me and say we told you so.

But if not, then Blighty would find itself, maybe not in our time, but sometime, in a very difficult position.

Which is why the Motte and Bailey Europe, with Blighty in charge of the Bailey, is, imho, the far better disposition. We can then be the arbitrator on the inside of the EU just enough to keep the US involved, and with "rights" against the Motte; to keep the family together (and push on to Moscow - sorry Alexey, but you know, we gotta get the family all together sometime ...).

That was written more from my gut instinct, and on the hoof. So feel free to get stuck in.


I am ready with my red and white spray cans I will buy shares in the spray paint company. I am already humming Land of hope and glory. I need a cause and a bold leader, Albion shall be free from the yoke of the Hun. Unfortunately as I live in France it will be just the odd foray but the first picture of a patriotic disfigurement of the Brussels bullshit and I will raise a glass to that brave patriot. Braveheart will have nothing on our guerrilla Morris dancers.

Down here the Cornwall Council has ordered that the signs must be in Cornish. Only ten people can read Cornish and six of them live in Australia!

And, BOE, do they all look suspiciously like each other?

I share your desire to deface the posters, but it's worth noting that farmers will have to pay for those which are destroyed or defaced. If the boards and supports cost any more than a shotgun cartridge, expect trouble when you go back and deface them a second time!

"I've searched and can't find it (JK, if you're out there? ...)."

Holy Shit, SoD !!!

And it doesn't help that I've just come out of the VA hospital recently ... nah David, don't bother with the 'Get Well Soon' cards, it was elective (for the most part).

You've taxed my poor brain severely SoD - closest approximation I could come to goes way back to 2008!

Sorry JK, didn't mean to task you up when you were recuperating. Elective or non-elective, get well soon.

You've narrowed it down though, it's almost certainly Israel about which the quote was made. I think it was Churchill, but it just won't google up.


SoD - I can't see where you're coming from with this paranoia about greater krautland. There's the poles and the frigs to keep them in their box, that's their historical job.

You are in danger of falling foul of the very wise saying "he who would liberty for security will have neither".

It is not in our national interest to be governed by brussels. Surely you can see that. When we leave the eu we will still have access to the single market, and that is the only thing that counts.

I do not agree that we are so fallen as a nation that we would be unable to exist as a free independent nation. We have a larger and more innovative economy than Norway, swiss, iceland, canada, etc etc and better armed forces than anybody in the world except the usa, albeit smaller than china and they are a seriously long way away. We also have a channel.

What we have lost is a government who puts British intersts first, but leaving the Eu would go a long way to solving that problem.

David, were you suggesting the Cornish eat their own ice cream.

Can anybody get these €500,000 grants? I would be prepared to put up a 4' x 6' sign in my front garden for that.

If they asked me nicely, of course.

A thousand bloody years you lot have been fighting various Huns, Frogs, Dagoes and whatever other politically incorrectly named groups from Europe you can name who would have seen you all bound down in iron chains [about now Jimmy Glesga starts humming Scots wha hae] but cheerfully surrendered your independence to Berlin-Brussels without a whimper. Un-bloody-believable. The genes of Lord Halifax have triumphed over those of Churchill.

SoD the last time the Huns and Septics fell out you lot and the Commonwealth [remember us?] had been at war with the Hun for two years. You weren't the meat in the sandwich between Germany and the US you were the front line and it extended right up to the coast of the Continental USofA. Reference any half decent history of the RN during WW2 for a detailed explanation.

Not a bad topic for the anniversary of Agincourt.

Happy St.Crispian's Day Duffers.

"I can't see where you're coming from with this paranoia about greater krautland. There's the poles and the frigs to keep them in their box, that's their historical job."

Like the Frogs and Poles have done a great job keeping the Krauts in their box over recent history. No Cuffers, it's our job, always has been, always will be.

And by "our" I mean Blighty, America, and her siblings (btw, stop whinging AussieD, whenever I say America I'm including you lot. It's just shorter to write.)

The idea is not to "surrender" to the Motte, rather, while the Krauts are busy in there with the Frogs, Poles, Latinos, to pull the rebels into a coherent Bailey run on Anglo-Saxon lines, and to be in charge of that.


Not whinging SoD. It is not in our nature to do so. We leave that to others whose get up and go has got up and went.

We just get a tad annoyed when we get omitted or lumped in with someone we are distinct from when discussing issues we have committed to.

Never mind all this Brit, Kraut, Frog nonsense, there is only one matter of importance at the moment and that is the condition of my archivist! I understand, 'JK', that recently there has been a few problems with your VA hospital system 'over there' so I do hope very much that they are taking good care of you. But for God's sake steer clear of any 'medicinal' offerings from Barney Magroo and his crew up in 'them thar hills'!

AussieD. The only tune I hum is the Queen. Sad songs about idiots that attempted to ruin Scotland are not and never have been on my mind.

The regulations - "ve must 'ave regulations!" - May state the size of the boards, but do they dictate the size of the font? You could have 95% of the board with a picture of Junker below large words reading, THIS IS WHAT A W*NKER LOOKS LIKE with the EUSSR statement the size of a playing card in the bottom left hand corner. Or, the wording could be in Welsh, Cornish, Norfolkese, or even Etruscan, just so long as it, roughly, displays the requisite notice. Or, we could just tell him to f*ck off. The final solution is to agree with the idiot's demands as long as there is a huge sign placed outside the EU parliament proclaiming "THIS YEAR WE WASTED A SHEDLOAD OF BILLIONS OF POUNDS AND EUROS BECAUSE WE ARE CRETINOUS TWATS AND WE CAN. There is nothing like meeting someone half way.

Penseivat, the issue is the British Nation State. The currency the GBP which we should fight for and will. The euro! Nein Verboten.

Glad to hear it JG

I guess if you don't want to put up the sign, then you don't have to take their money.

Except, of course, it isn't their money; it's a little bit of our money given back to us, with strings attached.

I suggest a second sign (of the same size) alongside the first, pointing out that to get this £50,000 (or whatever), the UK taxpayer had to send £100,000 (or whatever) to Brussels, the rest of which got spent on bribes, junkets and tax-free salaries for apparatchiks.

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