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Monday, 26 October 2015


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"there wasn't much in life that that miserable old Prussian did enjoy except the sound of his own spoken words and the sight of the many tons of his own written words."

Not so, DD. Apparently he enjoyed his family's housekeeper/maid in traditional bourgeois fashion:

He even fathered and abandoned her illegitimate child.

Yes, I remember reading about that somewhere, the interests of the working class were always close to his heart - or something!

David, Marx is probably the architect of political compromise although he would never know this. The British in our finest tradition gave him sanctuary and the rich and wealthy dictators have compromised. We even have the vote. Marx was not to blame for the actions of Stalin, Poll Pott, Mao, Lenin and the list is exhaustive, He was their excuse. David, most cemeteries were private until the lairs were full and the owners then done a runner. That is why councils now do a few grass cuts each year and the tombstones just fall over.

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